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Giveaway : For iPhone Lovers

Too swamped to sit at my computer editing photos so... Here's another giveaway!

Giveaway sponsored by!

As the name suggests, they carry various designs for shirts but have also expanded to dresses, hoodies and more.

Their bestseller is the Men's Haymaker Tee.

Well, this giveaway isn't about t-shirts. They're sponsoring the winner one of the iPhone cases from their site! Each casing is originally priced at $30. There are a total of 9 designs to choose from as shown below.

DescriptionThis iPhone case has been created to fit the iPhone 4 & 4S. It is made from a hard plastic that has been rubberized to prevent design chipping. They can be slid off at the bottom for easy docking.

As usual, fill in Rafflecopter below to enter.

** Giveaway for US only **



  1. Oooh, i like the 1st one in the 2nd row! Deers and gradient :D
    But it's for USA only? :(

  2. I'm not sure if those are trees... Or really creepy reindeers lol

    Yup! Only for US citizens cos they'll be shipped directly from the sponsor and it was his criteria

  3. Aww too bad then. >_<
    Good luck to those who are entering! :)

  4. Give me ya. i got US address. haha XD

  5. If you don't mind shipping a phone cover over to Msia can de.. hahaha! but at the shipping cost you might as well buy one here


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