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Maybelline Magnum Mascara

Yesterday I reviewed my 'everyday foundation'. Today, I shall introduce my favourite mascara, Maybelline Magnum Mascara. Apart from sharing the same name with my favourite ice cream, there are other reasons why this is my favourite mascara.

These are my bare lashes. I guess I have pretty standard lashes for a local Chinese girl. The hairs are thin and I prefer volume over length. To me, thick short lashes are just so much more appealing than long sparse lashes.

This is after mascara. Not much difference here but it makes my lashes visible in real life.
My tube is kinda old so it doesn't perform as well anymore. The formula isn't too wet or dry. I like the fact that it's dry enough to coat my lashes comfortably and I don't get that feeling that it's so wet, it'll smudge everywhere if I dare blink. I usually use the first side (bent inwards) to comb through my lashes, let it dry a little then use the other side to add volume. I don't get much length with this but it does add volume. It doesn't really clump on me unless I apply way too many coats. I usually apply just 2, max. Smudging is acceptable. I do have to remove some stains but it's not much. The curl lasts and my lashes look pretty much the same from morning til night. This has become my most used mascara recently.

<<< With mascara | Without mascara >>>

Not a very accurate picture since both eyes are different but it's quite obvious that the side with mascara is more voluminous. And yes, I look cross eyed here lol This is what happens when you focus both eyes on the camera >_< It's finishing soon and my hands are itching to try out the new Super Film one.

Price : RM 35.90
Bought from : Pharmacies

Pros : Adds volume, little clumping/smudging, not too wet, holds curl
Cons : Doesn't lengthen much
My conclusion : My favourite mascara so far ^^ If the new mascara fails to impress me, I will fall back to this. Definitely.


  1. This mascara looks great on you, but it didn't really do something for me )=

  2. Oh. I'm surprised you have it! I thought Magnum was only for Asia while it's called Collosal elsewhere


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