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NOTD : Cotton Candy

It's just pink as base, purple over it at the tip, white lined in between (since purple was a lil messy lol) and glitters to 'blend' the white so it doesn't look so harsh. Stuck 3 white nail art gems on my thumbs. I think the other nails look pretty plain but I'm not gonna stick gems on all 10 nails! >_<

Products used :
Base coat from Ianthi
Elianto 06 Pink polish
Elianto Sparkling Diva polish (Lilac) - Thx meiping for the info! ^^
White & silver glitter lining tools from night market
Nail art gems from night market
Silkygirl topcoat

I love this pink from Elianto! I've been looking for a pink like this for a looooong time. It also dried pretty fast even though I used a thick layer. The purple one is good as well except it's quite sheer so you either need about 3 coats or layer it above another colour.


  1. So girly and pretty :) Very nice

  2. i love the color combination!

    i've always been a fan of pastel colors...this is so cute! simple but pretty!

  3. Same here! I love pastel colours. ^^ I want to collect all of them if I can lol

  4. hahah, the purple is from elianto's sparkling diva line :P lilac, i think.

  5. Yes yes! I remember it's lilac! xD THanks meiping~~


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