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Disappointing Lunch @ Modesto's, Curve

Warning :  Rant post

After my swim, my friends and I headed for lunch at Modesto's, Curve because I had a '50% off pizzas and pastas during lunch' discount voucher from Worthy Book. I must say, I was pretty disappointed the entire way!

Firstly, we saw a huge banner outside and I found out that..... We didn't even NEED the voucher to get the 50% discount. I was shocked because as the owner of a Worthy Book, I expect the discounts inside to be exclusive to Worthy Book owners, or at least require some voucher from somewhere! Here, anyone who walks in can get this discount and the vouchers are useless =_= Why pay for the Worthy Book then?! I hope this doesn't happen with the other shops in the book..

Update : WB has contacted me and apologized for the matter. They will check with Modesto's on this. He also apologized for my bad experience at Modesto's but IMO, it's not their fault as they don't run the restaurant.

We walked in.. Setting looked fancy and expensive but as we had already seen the prices outside on the banner, we weren't too worried. Oddly enough, there was not a single waiter in sight. Also, there was a major confusion : we thought we had walked in the wrong place as it was written Chinois but it turned out to be the same place. We were waiting awkwardly in the silent room and decided to leave before someone approached us outside =_="

All was forgiven the moment we sat down.. Because they had plates with leopard prints! <3 I exclaimed "I love this place.." but little did I know, I spoke too soon.

We were served this crunchy thing (fried capati?) and a dip (tasted like thick sweet nasi lemak sambal). This was quite a yummy treat to munch on while we looked at the menu.

I ordered a Spaghetti Aglio E Olio. Since it sounded quite plain, I asked to add prawns. It was an extra RM 10 so I was expecting something good.

My friends ordered the set lunch of the day. They have different set lunches every weekday. It's quite worth it but I didn't want to eat so much.

My spaghetti soon arrived... My first reaction : where's the prawn!? o_O They chopped the prawn into tiny pieces and there were less than 15 pieces on my plate. The portion was not worth the RM 28 (or at least not RM 10 for invisible prawns). For that price, I can get 4 plates of seafood spaghetti (Which tastes better, btw. And I think it's also a bigger portion) at Pizza Milano, 1 Utama.

Edit : Food tastes okay but quite a regular spaghetti. The prawns were little in quantity and rather salty but overall, the taste is not bad.

Okay.. So maybe I was overreacting. Maybe this was one of those 'gourmet places'. Small portion for high price. Lesson learnt..

But then..

I forgot to take a picture of the soup and steak but here's the pizza from the set lunch. Seriously?! One whole large pizza in the set lunch menu while my single spaghetti (originally same price as the entire set lunch) is so pathetically small?! Also, they didn't even ask if my friend wanted her steak rare, medium rare or well done.

Edit : Pizza was more yummy than my spaghetti. I would say.. I prefer the pizza over steak.

Their dessert, an apple crumble which was disgustingly sweet. I had one bite and almost spat it out (literally).

I will not go back to Modesto's, ever! The food (main course) was quite okay but considering all the other factors, don't think I will be going back.. If you're planning to go to Modesto's, I would highly recommend the set lunch (Only if you can finish it! Please don't waste food). Also, choose your main course well!


  1. whoa... i don't feel like going too after reading..

  2. You can go for the set lunch.. But I already don't have the 'feel' to go after this experience

  3. awww...
    im sorry about the bad experience,sweetie. there really restos like that. the facade looks good but the service & the food is "i-dont-even-want-to-comment-on-it-anymore" type..

  4. your thinking is so immature . just cause they had leopard prints ?!? seriously ? plus it says that the 50% is only for LUNCH . what if you came at dinner time ?

  5. Dear anonymous,
    They deserved a 2nd chance, no?

    The voucher was also for pizzas and pastas during lunch only.. If you went during dinner, the voucher would STILL be useless. Please find out all the details before you decide to post here again. And perhaps you could leave your real name here too.

  6. Oops.. should have read your post earlier. Went there yesterday... MOST DISAPPOINTING. Like you said the portion is ridiculously small, eg., rack of lamb ??!! what came was 3 tiny pieces and costing a whooping RM65. Would you believe it? Same problem with the spaghetti... could have finished the portion in 3 mouth full!! Frankly, please don't bother with THAT place.

  7. Thanks for the comment.. Glad to know I'm not the ONLY one


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