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The Battle Of The Curlers

Warrior, choose your weapon..

Now.. Get ready to face your worst nightmare..

straight eye lashes!!

Okay, drama over..

Introducing.. My one and only... Heated eyelash curler! And me camwhoring behind it

My sis decided to buy this because we both realised that the conventional eye lasher curler doesn't really fit our eye shape and some of the lashes bend in an awkward manner. A heated eyelash curler would not have that problem as you can just adjust it to your eye.

The strip inside is red at first. You will know when it's ready to be used (hot enough) when it turns white.

First thing that popped into my mind when I heard HEATED. Will it burn my hand?! What about my eyeball! And my lid and whatever is near my eye?!

I closed my eye and placed it on my palm x_X

I waited..

It got hot.

I can feel the heat radiating out from the curler onto my hand

And that was it =/ I can safely conclude that this curler is safe!

As you can see from the two photos above, there are combs (or 'teeth') that not only separate your lashes but also prevents skin from directly touching the heated coils.

Now, on to the test! Don't ask me why I look so terrified =/

This is after 1 round of heating.

I wasn't impressed by the outcome so... I heated and reheated and heated again.

And after all that effort...

I just don't think it was worth the time and effort. Not to mention the damage heat causes (it's like perming your hair!) and the battery energy used. The normal eyelash curler worked soooo much better in a fraction of the time! Also, the stupid cover can't actually cap it cos it's not long enough. I hope it doesn't accidentally turn on by itself and melt my makeup =/

I can only think of two reasons why I like it. I don't like bringing the bulky normal eyelash curler around as it doesn't fit well in my tiny makeup bag and this is just like a big pen! Other than that, the ends of my lashes curl comfortably in the right direction with this.

Price : RM 50
Bought from : Sasa

Pros : Suits all eye shapes, small
Cons : Requires battery, doesn't curl well, bad cover

My conclusion : Definitely not worth the RM 50!!! I've tried other eyelash curlers and some do fit very well indeed. I love the one by Shiseido. It's like it was made just for my eye! I've given up on heated ones for now.. =(


  1. I favor Shu Uemura curler for it curls my lashes faster, i also have the Shiseido one but i don't reach for it as much as i do.

    Maybe it's better if you use it after you put on mascara? I heard that for some they use heated curlers after mascara application.

    I'm not sure though for i haven't tried heated curlers yet. I am already satisfied with Shu & Shiseido.

  2. Shiseido curler costs more than the Shu Uemura curler. I hope to buy one of them when I start working ^^ I tried using after mascara but still not as well as the normal curler. Besides, I get this weird feeling that it's 'melting' my mascara and it's getting stuck on the heated coil lol

  3. Oh that is disappointing. I was contempling getting a heated curler, but I guess it's not worth it )=

  4. LOL, might as well buy a hair curler!! haha

  5. LOL You can't get a (decent) hair curler for that price... I don't trust the RM 30 ones =/


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