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Nude Lips

I mentioned that the Maybelline Perfect Concealer works as a lip concealer for me. My favourite lip colour is nude and I've always wanted lips like Eki so I decided to give it a shot lol

First one would be an orangey nude lip. I can never carry off those super pale nude lips so I choose peachy or orangey ones.

Here are my 4 tools for this look : Mojitate Kajitsu lip balm, Maybelline Perfect Concealer, NYX Round Lipstick (Orange Soda) & NYX Round Lipgloss (Natural).

I always start with lip balm as my lips tend to be dry and nude lipsticks are always drying on me >_<

Light layer of concealer. Remember, you can always apply more but if you overdo it, you'll look like a walking zombie. I usually dab small dots on my lips then blend with my finger. Concealer conceals the original colour of your lips (really useful especially if you have pigmented lips like mine!) and I find that it also prevents my lipstick from settling into the lines too much.

Next, I applied Orange Soda. As it's quite soft, I should use a lip brush but was too lazy here xD Orange Soda usually settles into the lines A LOT but this is prevented by the concealer here. Yay!

One coat of NYX RLG in Natural. I think Whipped would have been good as well but I sold that. I find gloss useful for dry nude lippies as they make my lips look so plump and moisturized. Lines are also less obvious.

I think the photos above are a little greenish =_= So here's a full faced pic with a more accurate true colour. My sis commented that this lip colour is really nice lol But I won't wear it out as I'll smudge it kissing my Bf or something.

Next, I decided to try out a pinkish nude lip. I'm using NYX Round Lipstick (Strawberry Milk) & NYX Round Lipgloss (Natural + Pinky Natural). Ignore the weird bluish colour of my lips. Pictures were edited to show closest lip colour.

Example of an over concealed lip LOL *reminds self to use less next time*

Strawberry Milk.. It's a milky light pink colour which is wayyyy too light for me.

I mixed Natural & Pinky Natural because I didn't have a pink like this. Bad move lol I didn't use a lip brush and tried mixing them with my lip which ended up smudging it (hence the messy shape).

I'm not sure if this colour suits me.. I prefer a peachy nude.

Check out Cynthia's nude lip HERE. I skipped the lip pencil step as I've never owned one before.

How about you? How do you do your nude lip?

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