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This Week's Must Reads

I just came back from a wonderful day at Malaya Optical. Super excited now. So much to share but too tired to blog right now. I'll leave these for you lovely girls/ladies to read meanwhile =)

Thiamere shows her water decals and they are amazing! Such complicated nail art reduced to mere sticker like sheets that 'melt' onto your nail.

In love with the Wet N' Wild palettes but don't like the case? Read how Agnes depotted her pallettes into her own DIY Makeup Palette.

Lighting is very important to take good photos. But sometimes, light is not always available. Check out how Shen makes her own lightbox and you can take professional looking photos as well.

Kaushal gives some easy tips and directions to draw a winged eyeliner (my fav!)

I have just found Padmita's blog and her eye makeup is amazing!

Chai Fung tells her readers of the Law of the Garbage Truck. Curious? Click to find out what that is =)

I just love the nail designs at For Your Nails Only

And a little game.. lol Can you guess what this is?

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