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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE! As I have mentioned, it was my mum's birthday so we had a big dinner where we totally pigged out, chocolate cake, white wine and red wine. After that, I headed over to my bf's place to celebrate away from the crowd and jam.

Gosh.. I woke up feeling like shit.. I barely had 2 glasses! Went for 'breakfast', Vietnamese beef noodles at Curve. I was gonna take only healthy stuff to make up for all the crazy meals but... That didn't work out well. Had Chocolate Mousse Royale at Baskin Robbins, a packet of seaweed and half a packet of Twisties lol

Anyway, I'm glad I finally went swimming before the year ended. However, I caught a cold cos it was FREEZING and I was trembling in the pool =_=

I have tonnes and tonnes of pictures on my computer which are still unedited plus some unfinished drafts so I should really pick up my pace. When did I transform from the have-scheduled-posts-until-next-week to this slacker?!

I don't have any new year's resolutions cos I never follow them every year LOL So I stopped making any. Just seemed kinda pointless..

Don't know if you'll see this but Happy Birthday to Tammy of Plus Size Kitten!


  1. LOL............Gosh the food!!!!!!!!!!

    looks soooo yyyummy, from vietnamese beef noodles meh?

    Happy New Year, n dun swim while it's cold la okay? hahaha

  2. Happy New Year, doll!Don't worry, I think everyone feels like crap after the holidays ... too much of everything!


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