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Silkygirl Silky White 2-Way Foundation

Yes, I have hit pan! xD

This was actually my first foundation and I'm still using it. The reason I got it? It was CHEAP! At that time, I was a makeup newbie and bought it in the wrong shade. It was too fair for me and still is. I used to apply a thick layer and think 'Wow.. This foundation is great! It makes my skin look so fair.' Until I learnt that applying foundation that is too fair for you isn't exactly appealing. Before I even finished my first one, I panicked when I hit pan and bought another one as extra. Or maybe it was just an excuse to buy something.. The new foundation came with an extra refill and sponge. Thus, I'm still stuck with it until now (although I only apply a thin layer now so I don't look so much like a ghost). I rarely leave home without it. It comes in handy for touch ups, to check my eye (my eyelashes constantly drop into my eyes), to put on my lipstick, to rub off smeared mascara and to check out the cute guy behind me.

The coverage is light, working mainly to even out my skin tone and lighten my dark eye circles slightly. It cannot cover blemishes although it can make them seem less angry. I like the overall effect as it gives me a nice glow while mattifying my skin. I can get away with just using this without blusher or lipstick but I must be careful not to apply too much or I'll look pale and sickly. There are several colour selections and you can swatch them all to decide which one suits you best (please don't be stupid and become a chinese opera singer like me).

I like that it doesn't go on heavy so I can barely feel that it's there. It doesn't appear cakey or anything, even if I use it to touch up several times. Oil control is average for a powder. My t zone especially, still gets oily but nothing a little blot can't solve.

As for the packaging, it's thin and slim, which makes it easy to slip into my handbag. There's a huuuuge mirror inside, which I love. Very useful for days when you and your sister have to fight for the mirror and you lose T_T It comes with a sponge applicator which I have washed a few times (I should wash this more often though). You can easily replace it as it's quite a standard size. It doesn't crumble and harden like some sponges do.

Oh yeah, the packaging isn't that bad too. It clicks shut securely and isn't as fragile as it looks. I dropped it once and the cover came off. I panicked cos I was outside and didn't know what to do if the mirror broke or the foundation crumbled. But luckily, everything was still intact. I just popped the cover back on and it's not loose or anything. Phew.. I don't mind the plain white casing too. I could easily 'prettify' it by using animal print stickers (plush stickers?) or those jewel ones meant for hand phones if I wanted to.

Size : 10 g
Price : RM 30 or so + free refill & sponge
Bought from : Guardian's

Pros : Big mirror, cheap, gives a glow, mattifies, doesn't cake
Cons : Low coverage, plain casing
My conclusion : I would continue using this until I finish it or decide to sell the refill (but who wants to buy a refill? =/) and then move to another brand.

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  1. Great blog! I've never heard of this brand before, but thank you for the very thorough and informative review :)

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