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Purederm Pearl Essence Mask

Pearl is know for its many 'beautifying' properties, including whitening, brightening, smoothing and etc. Now, I don't really believe in it's 'miracle power' but decided to try this mask anyway.

There is exactly enough essence for one use. Mask is quite comfortable and no problems with the size. I like the fact that it has 'eye flaps' which gives you an option instead of assuming you don't want it. It's thinner than the other normal masks I've tried, which makes it look nicer in photos xD

So does this mask really have magical pearl powers? After removing, I did notice my face was glowing but shine was reduced (does that make sense? lol). As usual, skin was also hydrated and smooth. The glowing effect lasted for a few hours but I wouldn't say it did more than that. Perhaps you may see more difference if you use it often.

The packet did mention that it can soothe and coincidentally, I had an itchy spot beside my nose (visible in pic). Guess what? Redness went down and itchy spot was not so itchy anymore! ^_^

Size : 18 ml
Price : RM 5.02
Bought from : Watson's
Made in Korea

Pros : Has eye flaps, leaves skin glowing, hydrating, thin, comfortable, soothing
Cons : Doesn't really do much
My conclusion : May repurchase if my skin feels irritated, not for the 'pearl effects'. Still not buying the idea =/

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