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Rejuvenate At Ecoparadise With Worthy Book

Thanks to Worthy Book, I had the chance to have a FREE trial at Ecoparadise. This voucher alone already makes up for the price of the whole book! The nearest branch was at Jaya One so I booked an appointment for yesterday. I was informed that they don't have many customers at the moment so booking in advance is not needed (but I was scared and booked anyway lol).

It's located above Station 1 Cafe (back corner, other end from Cold Storage). You just go up the stairs at Old Town White Coffee, walk past a few shops and you will see it.

First timers are required to fill in a form. There are articles for you to read on the table.

In a corner were some odd looking bowls.. One contained an egg and the other had a few slices of bread in it. Apparently, they've been there for 1 or 2 years+ but they still look relatively fresh. There are no molds on the bread but just some cockroach bites and the egg doesn't smell bad. Both bottles contain nails. One contains normal water and rust while the other which contains a special anti oxidant soap (Pirkare) water has a nail that isn't rusty.

Before the session, each person will be given a yukata to change into. It's basically a loose top and pants. I must say.. The washroom is quite nice lol There's a locker, changing room, shower and hair blower.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the room itself as it would interfere with the negative ion action. In fact, no electronic devices were supposed to be used in the premises as they emit radioactive waves which causes more free radicals to form. Same goes to products containing perfume.

Normal session is 45 minutes but for beginners, the lady recommended 30 minutes. I stayed inside for 35 minutes before deciding I've had enough lol It was set at the lowest setting, 41 C but the moment I stepped in, my feet were burning! It was a small closed room big enough for 3 people so it got a bit stuffy after 10 minutes. Soft music was playing in the background but it gets kinda boring.

Content from the brochure :

Few are aware that oxygen that sustains life is simultaneously destroying it. Those who have experienced trouble with rust are aware of the harm oxidization causes. The same process is occurring in our bodies with every breathe we take.

Basically, the process of oxidization releases free radicals. These cause cellular damage by stealing electrons from the neighbouring molecules, disrupting normal cellular functions and accelerating or even causing the aging process, as well as aggravating many illnesses. Modern life styles are conducive and unhealthy diets aggravate the natural tendency to form free radicals.

Using breakthrough techniques, Ecoparadise developed a process, whereby concentrated antioxidant solution derived from friendly micro-organisms impregnated into building materials which will provide antioxidants to the air we breathe in. This unique construction process operates on a principle similar to a Roman caldarium.

Visitors to the center will be enfolded in an antioxidant rich environment, relaxing in a climate controlled chamber, where temperature (41 - 43 C) and humidity levels (20% - 40%) are monitored for the comfort of our clients. You will emerge from the Antioxidant Rejuvenation Hot Bed Therapy Center rejuvenated and refreshed.

Benefits :
  • Relaxes, revitalizes & rejuvenates
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves metabolism & blood pressure
  • Reduces cholesterol level
  • Reduces swelling
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps relieve allergies, colds and constipation
  • For diabetic patients, multiple sessions of antioxidant rejuvenation therapy helps to decrease the blood pressure and sugar level of diabetes patient to normal levels
  • For cancer patients, relief of pain and improvement of well-being, reports show improvement in cancer patient's health after multiple antioxidant rejuvenation therapy sessions

After that, I was lead to the resting room, where I was told to rest for 15 minutes to 1 hour before showering. The room felt quite cooling and I was given a small shot glass of tasty enzyme drink (Pineapple + Papaya + Banana). You can read magazines, watch Astro or just walk around, reading about Ecoparadise.

This was also where I asked the lady if I could take pictures and she gave me this O_O look as if I asked the most ridiculous question ever. She acted like I was gonna steal the idea and all cos she started telling me that it was all patented lol I reassured her that it was for my own use (not trying to steal your business so chill!) and I was going to post it on my blog website (cos she couldn't understand the word blog). And after that she started getting really happy and sorta excited o_O Even checking on me while I was blowing my hair to ask if I've taken pictures LOL So much for the 'no electronic devices' huh? I hope I wasn't responsible for any extra free radicals that could have caused wrinkles on someone's face. Oh nooooo!! =/

Do I look rejuvenated? Lol The lady said I will sleep well after the session. I was going to take a nap right after as I felt very exhausted but something happened and the nap didn't go too well. I was there for almost 2 hours. Don't think I'll be signing up as I'm not really into the whole idea of being in a hot room and sweating like crazy >_< There is an offer now though.. RM 48 for 3 sessions (first timers only).

Website :
Phone number (Jaya One) : 03-7956 3336
*There are other branches as well, including in Singapore, Jakarta, Hanoi and Tokyo 

Tips :
1. Bring your shampoo if you're planning to wash your hair. Their all-in-1 soap isn't really meant for the hair.
2. Bring extra undergarments as you'll be sweaty.
3. Go with a friend so you can chit chat softly in the room and it won't be so boring.
4. Silent your phone
5. Don't make the same mistake as me. Leave your shoes outside! And please don't wear expensive shoes.. You don't wanna have someone walking off in yours.

Phew.. Sorry for the long post.. =/


  1. Thats so intresting! I dont think im up for this though.

  2. Mr Tan has also been a regular at Ecoparadise for the past three years. While he has no health problems, he finds the time to come once a week for health maintenance. See here:

  3. Thanks for this nice posting i will come again on your site.


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