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Daiso Multi Cheek Blusher (Pink & Beige)

Beige & Pink

The first time I stepped into Daiso, I went into a rampage, grabbing every single item on the shelves and shoving people aside was so excited as everything was just RM 5! I don't really trust RM 5 stuff but blushers seemed pretty harmless =/

First pic has accurate colour but 2nd pic shows shimmer. I think this is after 4 swipes. Right side is blended out. You can layer if you want more colour.

I prefer Beige over Pink for everyday use but the Pink gives a dolly look. The shimmer in it really brightens up my entire face. They're amazingly pigmented for RM 5 but not very long lasting. I don't really care though. It's quite huge too. I've used the Beige more than 10 times and as you can see from the pictures, the surface still looks kinda new. The included brush is kinda crap though. I usually apply using Elf's Studio Complexion brush. I think there are 4 shades total.

Size : 6.7 g
Price : RM 5
Bought from : Daiso
Made in China

Pros : Cheap, pigmented, intensity controllable
Cons : Bad casing (Pink wouldn't open properly), bad brush
My conclusion : My favourite budget blusher. Worth repurchasing, IMO =)


  1. Ohh,Daiso! haha..I felt like shoving people aside too XD ROFL.. The blush looks pretty harmless to try..I don't have the guts to try lip products though..
    And huge blush! That would take a while to finish, I'm sure! =D I wish someday Daiso would sell some really interesting shades to choose from. The selections are pretty basic. LOL..its RM5 after all..

  2. same here Aisyah! I feel geli just thinking of putting it on my lips xD


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