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My Christmas Experience

After I got older, my family didn't celebrate Christmas anymore. This year, I went over to my Bf's place on Christmas eve. I saw this guy getting out of his car outside the lobby (ground floor of condo? lol) and he had a huge sack on his back.

First thought that came into my mind :

He was nice enough to hold the door for me while I was still walking towards the lobby *embarrassed* Didn't realise he was holding the door and I was still trotting along slowly. Gah! He introduced himself as Eddy and after I told him he looked like Santa, he said it was a bean bag for his dog lol Anyway... Moving on from my embarrassing moment..

Summary of the Christmas dinners I had :

I haven't weighed myself yet.. But I wonder if I gained weight lol Plus the fried calamaris and 1 and a half maggi goreng last night x.x Don't be fooled! I am not the 'sticklady' depicted below.

Now on to ze presents..

Putih and his new chew toy cos his old one is all chewed up and he ate the cotton =_= It's a koala-elephant hybrid o_O

As I have mentioned, my family doesn't celebrate Christmas so these were all from my Bf's side.

Bf's mom gave me this cute yellow floral + crochet mini dress / long top

 From Bf's sister. I kinda like this but it's too short as a dress because the bottom has no lining

 Totally didn't expect this from Bf's aunt! >_<

I only got ONE (1) gift, which was for Bf's mom so.. PAI SEH lol

P.S. Sorry for the horrid sketches. Can't take pictures of everything, right? I couldn't exactly whip out my camera and go like "Hey Eddy, do you mind if I take a photo of you?" Zzz.. And He's bald (me too) cos I have no idea how to draw hair LOL This is why I don't take any art related courses O_o


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