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Deary Rose Co-Q10 Mask

Sorry for the bad pics. It was a dark rainy day >_< I think I should just scan masks next time lol

It was kinda stupid of me to get this mask as the results probably won't be noticeable! >_<

It smells lightly of roses (more like rose syrup, not rose flower); quite pleasant IMO. I don't like the way they made this mask. There simply aren't sufficient slits to make it mask your face comfortably. I find it ridiculous that they put 2 slits on the nose but none on the chin =_= It's thin like the previous Purederm mask I reviewed so that's fine..

There was still enough essence in the packet for another round but since I'm not too impressed by it, I threw the extra away. As predicted, I don't see any benefits of using this mask. It didn't really hydrate well nor did it show any other effects on my face.

Price : RM 5.90
Bought from : Watson's
Made in Taiwan
Pros : Nice smell, thin
Cons : No effect, not enough slits, not hydrating enough
My conclusion : Not gonna repurchase this particular one but if I hear really good reviews, I may get the other types.

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