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Products Finished in December

Okay, this is absolutely.. horrible! I did not finish anything at all in December =/ I did however, throw out some stuff. Some were beginning to smell funny while the time has come for the others.

I did use it for a little while after the expiry date but after that, it smelt heavily of alcohol and I'm quite certain it was more watery than when I first got it..

2. Ginvera Green Tea Ultralift Hydrating Eye Gel
My first eye product. Total crap.. Post coming soon.

I know I said I'll just use this up but I noticed it was kinda making my skin worse (or maybe that was cos I wasn't using a proper facial cleanser). Not gonna use a toner that doesn't seem to be doing anything + makes my nighttime routine fussy.

4. Red Earth Lipgloss
Not a shade I would ever use o.O Belonged to my sister. Dumped it cos it smelt funny and I think it's been around for more than 5 years =.=

5. Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
One of my realllly old mascaras (my sister is still using the other one omg..). Used to love this a lot.

6. Maybelline Lip Smooth
Wanted to finish this at first but it has hardened and I don't think I should use it anymore lol

7. Sample jar of Egyption Magic Cream
Didn't love this and because it smells of 'bad oil' now, I'm throwing it away.

Even though I've gotten rid of 7 items, I actually got some new ones =x

Mini mini haul from Elianto, Curve. I so want the pastel blue colour but it was OOS >_<
06 Pink & 20 Cutie Pink - RM 5 each
Colour Studio Pearl Shine Shadow (13 Lavender Blue) - RM 8

Got sample sized Off With Those Heads from Skindeco ^^

The I Nuovi falsies I won from Skindeco finally arrived on Wednesday after the courier company messed up my address (house number & road), claimed there was nobody home (my mum was home the entire time) and delayed delivery. If the courier guy wasn't so nice, I would have screamed my head off at him. But then again, it wasn't really his fault =/ It wasn't my chosen design but it's still nice..

I won a Lip Polish from I Nuovi as well from Beetrice's blog so I hope they don't mess up this time =/


  1. you're so lucky..! won so much price for 2010! =)
    I have a blush that is a few months over its expiry date 0__0 But I still keep it since it doesn't smell weird or gives my face red bumps..but then again, powder stuff can last a lot longer imo..LOL, a 5 year old lipgloss?? XD

  2. hahahaha.. that's only because there were MANY winners. I'm usually not lucky with giveaways =(

  3. Congrats on using everything up! I have also tried Off With Those Heads but I<m not sure about it, it doesn't seem to work that well on me x=

  4. LOL perhaps you misread my post, Gaby. I didn't finish those stuff. Some were close to finishing but I threw them away cos they were way past their expiry date! >_<


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