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Hada Labo AHA/BHA Facial Wash

This product is so raved about that I had wanted to get it for so long! I had checked the Guardian's near my house and they never had it =_= Then finally found it and it was on 10% discount so I had to get one. My skin condition was getting worse; oily, enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, scars omg it was bad. I never had clear skin anyway but recently it was becoming bad again. Had my hopes high that this product would help me. Something about the bottle and it's colour also just looks so nice.

Nozzle is standard size. No problem with it. However, I think the nozzle for the bigger tube is actually bigger than the smaller tube.

It's white and kinda creamy.

Lathers very well with a bit of water. I absolutely hate facial washes that don't lather. On my face, it feels extremely creamy and gentle. I can massage it all over and not worry about harming my skin from excessive scrubbing.

This product is fragrance free. As much as I like colourful and scented soaps for my body, I actually do prefer non scented facial washes. Because I use them on my face (and right below my nose), the smell would linger for a while and smelling something I don't like twice a day isn't a good experience.

When I just started using it, I had 2 new red pimples but after 3 days of using this facial wash, both of them dried & shriveled up gently so I just scratched them off. My skin tone somehow looks more even and generally looks better (although this could have been caused by other factors).

After a month++, I can now write a full review. After a week of using it, I did notice that some very very stubborn clogged pores that refused to be squeezed had suddenly become easier to squeeze out. My forehead used to have a lot of those but there's less now. The facial products I use also seem to absorb better. Whiteheads on my chin/below my mouth have lessened drastically.

Immediate effects :
  • Extremely smooth skin that is soft and clean
Long term effects (what I've noticed after a month+) :
  • Brightening & slight whitening of skin
  • Works to even out skin tone
  • Prevents new pimples / tones it down
  • Smoother skin
  • Less clogged pores
  • Less whiteheads & blackheads
  • Better absorption of creams / products applied
  • Clearer skin
    Even though it exfoliates the skin, it didn't dry me out immediately. However, after nearly 2 months of using it once a day, my skin is looking drier. Will need to use more moisturizing products. Obviously, if you have dry skin and you haven't been using moisturizer, you will experience some flaking.

    Ingredients :
    Size : 50 g / 130 g
    Price : RM 16.11 for 50g
    Bought from : Guardian's
    Made in China
    Pros : Visible effects, affordable, lathers well, fragrance free
    Cons : You need sunblock if you use this in the morning
    My conclusion : Absolutely love it! Now I wake up to smooth skin every morning. It works very well combined with the Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion. I will definitely repurchase this when I run out! Now I'm interested on the other cleansers for day use, especially the moisturizing one.


    1. you can even find the LE version of it at DJ, Atria :X plus they've always been on that 10% discount > <

    2. i love it too :) but i dun use it everyday now coz i have sensitive skin, i use it alternately and during day time only.

    3. @ meipinggg
      Oh, you mean the foam one? Yeah I saw it but not sure if I should try lah xD Still have 1 big bottle of this. Yeah, they always have discount ^^

      @ Tammy
      I want to buy another facial wash to be used when I'm not using this but lazy to go out LOL I only use this at night as I rarely wear sunblock >_<

    4. Isabel, your review is making me want to dash to the drugstore below my house and grab one of this!! Eeeek >_< thanks for the review!!

    5. omg! If I had one as near as you, I think I'll be hanging out there alot LOL

    6. For me, it did help with pimples =) But it's not the same result for everyone, especially after long term use (some people find it too harsh)

    7. Isabel, your review is making me want to dash to the drugstore below my house and grab one of this!! Eeeek >_< thanks for the review!! prevent ingrown hairs


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