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NOTD : Pink & White Polka Dots

When I saw this design, I thought it was soo soooo cute. It was actually with a baby blue base but mine had dried out so I used pink instead. It's not the perfect pink for this though. Got it at Sasa for RM 6.90. White was from the night market. Dots were done using the back of a makeup brush =x

Tips :
  • From my observation, it looks better if you use pastel colours for the base to get that cute effect
  • Big dots are better than small dots
  • Don't use matte colours
  • If you don't have a dotting tool, you can use anything rounded like the back of a pen / brush, hair pin (those with a ball at the end), pins used for pinning cloth (for sewing) etc. It's much easier than using a nail art brush.
Since this is a nail post, I would like to recommend Kayla's page to all nail art lovers. Her designs are simply gorgeous =)


  1. Aw your NOTD is so cute and girly! I love the soft pink pastel color with the white dots, great job! Your nails are gorgeous too, great length and shape.

  2. Hey, using the back of a brush or something is a good idea for making dots! I never though of that before. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Kalmo!

    @ Lenna
    Haha.. I didn't think of that too but the brush was lying there in front of me so I gave it a try xD


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