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My Week & A Small Haul or Two..

So yesterday I had my 'after photo' taken for my hair makeover. Went round the area a few times cos we couldn't find it lol I can't imagine if I drove here. I would have probably arrived an hour late because I couldn't find the place! Lol So there was a MUA there to do my make up. It's just a light makeup as the hair is supposed to stand out. Gosh.. I never knew it could be so uncomfortable having a stranger do your makeup. Especially when you can't open your eyes and see what's going on! Her techniques were a bit different from Nicole's.

They took quite a while to adjust the lighting and all. Can't believe there's so much work involved to take good photos! Lol My hair had to be recurled because the curls didn't last halfway through >_< Because I had no modeling experience, the photographer guided me on how to put my body and face. I changed into another top and a few awkward smiles later, it was over lol I was absolutely famished when it was over. Stephanie informed me that it will be out in the February issue so I'm going to make sure I get a copy of it! Lol.. I'm not on the front cover or anything but it's still cool to be in a magazine xD 

Anyway, my hair's not curly now. The curls were only temporary and according to the two lovely hair stylists that day, my hair is stubborn when it comes to curls LOL

I've been lazy with my skin care so my skin decided to make me regret it by flaking all over!! And this was right when I was preparing to go out on Tuesday night. Anyway, I went to catch some Bruce Lee movie (we were supposed to watch Tangled at first) and went on a small 'tour' of Taylor's Lake Side Campus. Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? They have their own Baskin Robbins, Wong Kok, Old Town White Coffee, Subway, Starbucks, hair salon & 3 gift shops + 1 IT centre opening soon. Wth? >_<"

Sorry for the bad pic. You know my camera.. This is the lake.

This isn't really a haul since my mum paid for them. Lmao.. Hada Labo to save my flaking skin! happy.gif I got the Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Milk (RM 50.31) and the Facial Wash (RM 26.01). Then repurchased my vit e serum (RM 22.32) cos I'm running out. Will review this soon! It's my favourite scar remover.

Right after I came home from Guardian's, the Poslaju guy arrived. Yay! My Elf parcel was here. It's just a small haul which consists of two eyeshadow duos, an eyelid primer and an defining eye brush. She even gave me a free pen which had a cute ice cream cone on it lol

I haven't touched the eyeshadows yet but the primer appears to be a darker colour of the same one I have o_O And the brush is really hard and pokey at some parts!

And I shall end this post with a cute pic of Putih. Or at least I think it's cute.. lol


  1. elf elf.. i got one bagful of elf.. but never touch >_< aih........ but like ur skincare "haul"! that nature e scar remover how long u been using?

  2. LOL eee.. why never touch? I've been using it for years. I can see significant results overnight

  3. I see you bought the new batch of elf essential brush. I bought the defining eye brush too..they're scratchy! and to my dismay, both elf essential brush that I ordered are scratchy and flimsy! so saaaaad! U___U ELF!! WHY??
    Anyway, from who did you join spree with? I didn't get a pen.. (haha)

  4. Aww I wish we had ELF here... the shipping fees are monstruous for me! -_-

  5. @ aisyah
    Hmm.. Why isit new? I thought it's quite old lol I found out the cause of the scratchiness! Some parts are glued together so it's hard. I ordered from StrawberryGirl lol I wonder if the pen accidently dropped inside, then? LOL

    @ Gaby
    We don't have Elf here. someone helps us Malaysians to order from the US website

  6. Pepper (another blogger) said that the old version of elf brushes are stubbier and shorter. I have the old blending brush from miss hajar and a new one just ordered and arrived two days ago. The quality is totally different! the old ones are much much better! U__U I'm so thankful for miss syukur for sending me older version or else I would live with the impression that elf essential brushes stinks to the core!
    ahaha..I don't know. Other people got pens as well. maybe she dislikes me? hahaha.XD or maybe I accidentally threw away the pen. =P gotta go check the bin now. but just imagine the disappointment if it wasn't even there in the first place! Lol. I'm pathetic. =P

  7. I've ordered 3 concealer brushes at different times and they're all different! lol the quality is just never the same =_= I prefer the first one.

    LOL yes.. u better go check the bin xD

  8. update: I did went to look in the bin..XXD
    It's not there..ahahahaha..XD what the? meeh, its Ok..its just a pen anyway..=)


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