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My Current Hair Serums

My hair is naturally frizzy & dry so I rely heavily on hair products to tame it. I'm currently using 2 hair serums, The Body Shop Grape Seed Glossing Serum & Loreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Serum. Now why can't they just come up with shorter names? >_< These photos were taken before my hair makeover.

First up is the The Body Shop Grape Seed Glossing Serum (TBS).

One pump gives quite a small amount of serum so I used 2 here. I actually think this is good because with smaller amounts, you can control the amount you want depending on your hair length. I have no problem with the nozzle as well.

The serum has a nice smell that is not too much. I quite like it.

Product says : Helps prevent moisture loss, split ends and reduces breakage. Apply to towel-dried or dry hair.
Size : 75 ml
Price : RM 55
Bought from : The Body Shop
Made in UK

Pros : Nice smell, easy to control amount you want, good nozzle
Cons : Pricier, not strong enough for very frizzy hair (but then again.. it doesn't have any claims for frizzy hair.. why did my sister even buy this in the first place?! >_<)

I only used one pump here since 2 pumps would be too much for one side of my hair. I have to be very careful with this as it's easy to use too much and you end up with oily hair. I think the nozzle is not very good as sometimes it gets 'jammed' and you can't press it down. And this has happened to all the bottles I've owned in the past. This also has a nice smell to it. I find that with hair products, the scent is very important as people can smell your hair when you walk past lol

Product says :
  • Resists humidity
  • Anti-Puffiness
  • Anti-Frizz 48H
The new Elseve Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Serum, with argon oil, naturally rich in essential fatty acids, provides nutrition and protection for intense smoothing. Your hair is nourished from root to tip and protected from the effects of humid and dry conditions, such as puffiness and frizz. Your hair is silky, sleek and manageable.

Directions : Apply onto wet or dry hair. Dispense 1-2 pumps into hands. Rub hands together and distribute evenly along the hair. Do not rinse out. Very suitable to be used before brushing or to be applied on dried hair for an intense brilliance.

Ingredients :
Size : 100 ml
Price : Sorry, I can't remember but it's cheaper than TBS, like around RM 30?
Bought from : Pharmacies
Made in Indonesia
Pros : Works better at de-frizzing hair, nice smell
Cons : Clumps hair, doesn't work well on wet hair, nozzle can be hard to press sometimes

Left pic : Frizzy hair dried naturally after showering
Right pic : I applied TBS on my left and Loreal on my right

As you can see, they both perform well to de-frizz my hair. I think Loreal works better for my hair. However, I find that if my hair is wet, Loreal doesn't really work. Hence, I'll use TBS instead. Also, with Loreal, there is a tendency to get 'clumps' where there is too much serum and a big bunch of hair gets oily and stick together. You can actually see two 'clumps' in the pic above.
My conclusion : I usually combine 1 pump of each serum for each half of my hair as it's just the perfect amount. But since I've cut my hair now, I'll be using less. I use Loreal if my hair's condition is really bad and only TBS if it's mild.


  1. I'm lovin' my Essential Hair Serum!! Awesome-ness~~

  2. I want to try that one day! but wait until my current ones finish first lol

  3. I have only two serums at my disposal now, one is a creamy one from dove and a gloss one from herbal essence. The dove doesn't leave my hair shiny or smooth but herbal essence does the trick..smells great too! I haven't used anything from that line from l'oreal in a loooong time...i think ill take a better look soon :)

  4. Actually, now that I've tried the Essential one, it's definitely much better!


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