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Monday Blues (And Blue Hair lol)

So Nicole was about to have her make up exams. She had to create 2 looks on me : bridal and futuristic themed. We practised for a few days so you may notice a change in clothes even though the makeup looks kinda the same lol All pics are from my FB account. It's like my Photobucket now xD

** All looks done by Nicole, not me

My fav pic with the blue wig ^^ It's bridal makeup but Nicole couldn't wait to try on the wig so.. lol

I think this combination makes me look like I'm from an anime

I like this pic =)  Futuristic look 

This so doesn't match the theme.. Pose requested by Nicole cos I dunno what to do lol

Closed eye shot to show makeup

Summoning invisible ball of something something?

Camwhore shot. I wasn't used to my corrected lips so it looked funny lol

Bridal look below

Diamante butterfly bracelet from Yosiho Trading.

Nicole & I

I'm supposed to be a happy bride =/

Another futuristic day. Didn't turn out looking too futuristic though xD

It's supposed to be a laser gun lol

Silver hair clips and earrings also from Yosiho Trading.

With Nicole again lol

Disheveled look lol Reminds me of the haircut in Maplestory >_<

2nd bridal look. I think I prefer the 2nd one cos I look good here xD *perasan*

Sorry, this pic looks a bit weird due to the lighting. Pictures taken at this spot always turn out a lil weird =_=

On the exam day, complete with dress. Didn't have a futuristic looking dress so I just matched the makeup.

All of us

I love this blue dress! It's so soft and flowy

While I was waiting for Nicole to do her theory test, I got hungry so I tapau-ed Dark Chocolate cake (RM 8) from Su's (Cakes for Kicks). The people there are really friendly and even directed me to Toyako Loft (went to find out where it was in advance).

The biscuit part at the bottom was so dam hard that the provided plastic spoon was bending and I just ended up eating the top first then eat the bottom like it's a cookie.

Xmas tree made of CDs at Fahrenheit88

Okay I guess that's all.. You should be sick of seeing my face by now xD

P.S. If you like nail art, I highly recommend checking out Kayla's blog HERE. Her nail designs are mind blowing (IMO) and I really loooooove them x.x

P.P.S. You might wanna head over to the December Giveaways post. I have majorly updated it xD


  1. look lovely for the bridal shoot! =D Like, really really glowing! Nicole did a splendid job! ^___^ I don't know much about futuristic look would be cool for a movie..=D

    december giveaway post? I'll check it out ^^ LOL, I hardly joined much giveaway nowadays..

  2. Thx aisyah..

    I was in a sudden 'giveaway mood' last night and went around hunting for them. I think I strained my comp opening so many windows xD

  3. love the bridal look, it's so pretty! you're lucky to have someone so talented to put on makeup for you ^^


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