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The Great Cleo Hair Makeover

A little while ago, Cleo Malaysia was asking for girls who were willing to go for a hair makeover. Since it was about time to cut my hair, I sent in my details & crossed my fingers. As I have mentioned, I was one of the 10 girls picked. 

Last few shots of my old hair T_T I'll miss you~~ Light makeup for the 'before' shots. I think I overloaded on the highlighter lol Just wanted to look fresh as I made the stupidest mistake of sleeping late the night before =_=
So on Saturday, I went to Toyako Loft, Fahrenheit88 at 10am. Actually, I reached there early and got lost a little cos I couldn't find the back/side entrance which Nicole had brought me in from. It took me about 10 seconds to realise that it wasn't 10am yet and the mall wasn't open so the entrance was closed =_=

The people at Toyako are very friendly. Asking me to have a seat while I wait and offering drinks. The place looks good too. Gives me this 'professional feel' and you feel like you can just trust them. The design of the place is quite nice. I like the way they arranged the mirrors; in the middle of the room and facing each other. They have wifi and magazines for you while you wait.

What's with me and bad poses.. =_=
This is Gerijah
On my right was Hazlina

The two other 'models' (lol yes, that's what the receptionist referred to me as), Hazlina & Gerijah soon arrived and I wasn't so lonely. Stephanie from Cleo was really nice to ask us if we've had our breakfast as she's not sure what time it'll end. I didn't have a big breakfast but at that point, the butterflies were taking up all the space. None of us knew what hairstyle we were going to get. Before shots of us were taken outside the salon and passerbies (is there such a word? lol) stared. I just thickened my face and ignored them lol Photographer was really nice and so was her assistant? (cute girl with pony tail) so I was pretty comfortable.

Stephanie, Gerijah & Eric, deciding the hairstyle for her. I feel like I sneaked this pic lol I feel so shy about taking photos of others >_<

The main stylist was Eric (I think? Sorry, didn't really hear properly lol) Can you imagine? One man with 2 hands styling 5 heads lol Of course, there were other people around to assist him. I think he took super long on my hair cos he couldn't decide what to do with it >_< He said my head shape is like an egg LOL and because I have a long face, it's either bangs or sweeping all my hair to the sides.

He chose a Korean hairstyle for me, kinda like the pic but longer and without fringe o_0 At first he was concerned that we wouldn't want to cut our hair short but I told him I want to cut short and he was a bit shocked LOL

Big mirrors are perfect for camwhoring lol xD

The shampoo they used smells kinda nice lol Like orange? Or something tangy. Spotted Gerijah's cousin (sorry for the mistake earlier LOL) waiting in the salon when I came out of the 'hair washing room'. It seems I was the only one there alone o.0

During the hair dyeing, I thought I was going to die from all the ammonia! Lol Brings back memories of the college laboratory xD NH3 (g) >_< If Jingyi is reading this, I know you can probably understand me xD

A hair cut, hair dye, curling, combing, curling, combing, curling and lotsa hair sprays later....

Are you ready??




Don't blink..




Ta-da!! Sorry for the bad pic. You know me and posing for cameras.. =_= It's redder than this. Even Hazlina said the true colour isn't showing in photos (darn it..) I quite like this hairstyle =) Some of them were like wow.. o_o lol The stylist looked pleased with his 'creation' and I thanked him for it =) I will learn how to curl my hair after this! Overall, I think he did a great job =) It fit me

I want a mirror like this!!! T_T At Fahrenheit88 toilet LOL

Walked over to Pavillion and around the area trying to find building where my sister was going to pick me up but ended up feeling lost and my sis had to come and get me and saw many beautiful decorations but didn't take pix >_<

Toyako Loft is currently having a Christmas promotion. If you have the moolah and want to put your hair in trusted hands, you can give it a try.
  • RM 105 off ceramic perm
  • RM 100 off rebonding
  • 50% discount for highlight / pre lightening
And because a new hairstyle deserves a 'photo session'... lol

Look at the curls!~~ They're almost gone by now =( I think it'll return to straight hair once I wash it. Hopefully it doesn't go crazy and fly in all directions =/

These photos show the hair colour more.

I know hair colour also affects makeup so I immediately tried on my fav nude lippie, Rimmel Nude Delight. I think it matched my old hair better..

Then I chose something redder, which I don't normally wear, NYX Heredes. It's kinda orangey too. Doesn't look too bad now.. =)

Tried out my new NYX Orange Soda. Nope.. Still not working lol I look so pale x.x

That's all! I still have some old review photos so you may still see me with my old hair after this lol


  1. awww how cute! you look good with short hair =)

  2. Aww i really like the new haircut! It looks lovely on you! :) x

  3. Thanks ^^ I should have cut my hair a loooong time ago lol


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