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Shills Face Treatment Essence (Blue Herbal Toner) Mask

Some of you may have heard of Shills before. I was in a Shills craze at one point because their items are so affordable. But after that I stopped purchasing as there are a lot of fakes nowadays. I saw Jean using this toner as a mask so I decided to try it out.

I poured some clean boiled water into a plastic container. I used way too much here. Added 10 drops of Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acis Moisturizing Lotion. I wonder if 10 drops would make any difference lol Then poured in the Shills Blue Herbal Toner. It's slightly blue now.

Then I dropped the compressed mask into the liquid. I'm using Skinlite brand but you can buy these online for 30 cents each (Skinlite was RM 9.99 for 15 pieces). I think Daiso sells them too. Look at how it expands! It takes only a few seconds. Then I had to open it up and truly soak it in the liquid (since I had so much left lol)

On my face. This mask is cloth like and very very soft so you can just adjust it to fit your face. The toner really feels herbal. There's a very cool minty feeling. This mask would be great on hot days when your face needs an immediate cooldown.

After removing it, I washed the remaining liquid on my face and it felt so cool! It was like I had rubbed a Mentos all over my face lol It was a nice cooling relief as it has been crazy hot for the past few weeks/ months.

I noticed that blood was rushing to my face as my cheeks were blushing (doesn't show in photo) and my overall complexion was a little reddish. Nothing too major this time, just that my nose is like Rudolph. The first time I used this mask, I left it on for too long and my face remained red for a while (about an hour). I'm not sure if this is good =/ But as long as it doesn't cause breakouts on me, I'm fine with it. There was a certain bounciness and softness in my face but nothing else. I wasn't expecting anything in the first place. I just like the minty feel =) From the photos, shine has reduced but the red spots have been aggravated

The toner has a slight smell that I can't describe but it's soft, nothing floral or overwhelming. When I smelt it, the first thing that came into my mind was 'paper'. Which doesn't make sense cos papers don't smell like anything >_< I guess it reminds me of those DIY Recycled Paper methods but then again, I don't really remember how that smells like =/

Anyway, back to the toner. I don't have the ingredients list or anything as I bought this bottle from someone and it didn't come with a box =_= I don't even remember the price but it's cheap!

Oh ya, if you're wondering why I look so tired/ odd/ different today, it's because I didn't have my lenses on! The power of coloured contacts! Lol *I cheated & enlarged them a tiny bit in the Before photo. Hahaha Couldn't tahan seeing my eyes like that.

1. For my mask, I would need about 3 tablespoons of liquid.
2. Mix all your liquids before putting in the mask.
3. I would prefer not to leave it on for longer than 15 minutes as it makes my face red.


  1. I hate being red so I probably wouldnt use this mask. Thanks for the review! It was so helpful!

  2. ooh. O: personally, i like if when my face turns reddish-pink. xP

    cause i look like i have a blush without blushing! :D or at least look like i've done some (no sweat) exercise. 8D


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