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Paper Bag (Or Envelope) Curls

A friend posted a video on Facebook. It was a tutorial on Paper Bag Curls by Michelle Phan. Now, I'm not one who is creative with my hair or makeup but I decided to try this out before I really decide to cut my hair short. Before I took a shower, I cut up the needed strips from a used envelope which was padded with bubble wrap. I think this is better than using paper bags as I'm going to throw them away anyway. I feel it's a waste to use the paper bags which could have been used to keep other stuff, like food.

My hair is rebonded and usually straight. I try not to sleep with my hair wet as it tends to stick to the shape. So hopefully, the curls will last.. This is my hair, fresh out of the shower.

Following Michelle's instructions, I clipped up half of my hair. I don't have much hair so this isn't really necessary but it's less messy this way. I couldn't 'lock' the hair at the start and the strip kept slipping off. So I just held it in place until I turned my hair a few times. After a while, I began to get the hang of it. I just twist the strips around my hair and make a V-shape, then twist my hair around one 'arm'.

lol I hope I never have to step out of the house looking like this. I look like a mad woman! I went down for dinner and my parents were staring at me =_= Then my sis came home and stared at me too lol

I left it on from 9 pm until 1 am : 4 hours. I'm not going to sleep with these. So uncomfortable lol By then my hair was dry already. Unwrapped right side *shocked* It's curly!

Both sides unwrapped. I like the left side (my left, right on screen) better. Wonder why it looks so different?

As usual, camwhore with curly hair lol

Still fail my winking pose lol I dunno how they keep the other eye so big. When I wink, my other eye becomes smaller too.

Unfortunately, the curls only lasted a few minutes =( I didn't even have time to apply like hairspray or anything. Now it just looks frizzy and all. But at least now I know curls can look good on me ^^ Maybe next time I'll try leaving them on overnight. However, my sis said my hair just isn't meant for curls =(

Tips :
1. Cut the strips from used stuff, not new ones.
2. Cut strips to about 1.5cm wide. For me, thinner strips were easier to control and tie. But don't cut them too thin or else it gets too flimsy. But I guess bigger strips will give bigger curls?
3. Towel dry hair before curling but don't wait too long. Wet hair is easier to control as it sticks together.
4. I used bubble wrap envelopes because the bubble wrap makes the paper more sturdy and less likely to tear.
5. Actually you can just buy those sponge curlers (sold online or at night markets) which are easier to use and you can reuse them numerous times.

Oh, and I didn't stick to my shopping ban again LOL. Went to Guardians to pick up saline (for my eyes) and spotted Hada Labo on 10% discount omg then I was desperate to try out the AHA/BHA Facial Wash cos it's so highly raved about then I was disappointed cos there weren't any left =( So decided to try out the white tube and I'm so glad I did because the AHA/BHA FW was right behind it!! All the new stuff are not available in the Guardian's near my house so I just HAD to take the opportunity =x


  1. if you work out the exchange rate then sure you can enter! i have two malaysian girls in my planning team! :) x

  2. Hmmm I'm not sure I will have the patience to achieve that LOL. I thought my hair couldn't hold a curl but then I discovered Alberto Mega Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray and... WOW! I'm in love =D

  3. Oh wow that's great! Will definitely join it, Emma. Thanks ^^

    Lol Gaby xD Yes I couldn't wait to remove the papers. Maybe I should have waited longer, huh?

  4. i'm french and i came across your blog by chance, i find it really well done, and you are very pretty :)


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