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Watson's Brightening Facial Mask

I finally tried out the face mask I got from my 1 Utama haul. As I mentioned, I'm not really willing to spend on sheet masks as all the sheet masks I've tried didn't really make a difference. However, I must admit that I've only used cheapo masks that I bought online (gosh, I think they were fake).

So I'll consider this as buying my first 'real' sheet mask and I'm not regretting it! I didn't have much expectations for it as after all, it's just Watson's brand. As this mask is for brightening, I compared my face with a 'fairness ruler' to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

Before face. I'm about 8-9 on the ruler.

This mask has lots of slits and whatever so you can adjust it. It fits my face comfortably! ^^ The mouth is of a decent size and doesn't cover much of my lips, unlike some others.

There's still a lot of essence left inside the packet. Maybe enough for another round? Lol

25 minutes later, it's beginning to dry but still rather moist. None of the essence dripped down but I did squeeze it a little prior from removing it from the packet.

There's quite a lot of essence left on my face and I patted it in, following the instructions. It also says rinsing is not needed but I'm really uncomfortable with leaving essences on my face as you can feel another layer of something there and this is sticky!

After washing off the excess essence, I looked in the mirror again and =O Wow! My face was brighter than before! My skin also looked plump, hydrated and was so smooth & soft. I checked with the ruler and it went from a 8/9 to 7/8. It's not an exact match to the ruler so I can't really measure accurately (plus it's for brightening, not whitening).

You can't see the difference in the photos above as it's a different colour, brightness and all >_< Do NOT compare the photos just like that as the 'after' photo was wayyy too bright. Here's a very photoshopped photo lol Left is before and right is after.

There's a slight scent but I can't figure out what it smells like. Perhaps it's chamomile? Doesn't bother me though. It's so relaxing when I have it on my face, I dread taking it off lol

Size : 30 ml
Price : RM 5.90
Bought from : Watson's
Made in Korea

Pros : Brightens, moisturizes, smoothens, easily available, a lot of essence
Cons : Sticky essence
My conclusion : I like this mask but for almost RM 6 per sheet, I don't think I can afford to use this often. Usually the whole box is cheaper but I only saw the singles there =( I will definitely buy Watson's masks again.


  1. this is unusual! You look so bright :)

  2. I love this mask ^^ Must get more when my shopping ban is over lol

  3. can't wait to go watson ;)


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