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FOTD & OOTD : It's a Blue Day

Why blue? Well, it all started when I just entered my first year of college. At that time, my class had this 'colour coordination' thing where we would all plan to wear a certain colour. One day, we decided to wear blue and had some group photos taken. Some of the lecturers and people outside my class saw the photos and apparently, we were called the Blue Intake >_< Well, last Thursday we had a small farewell party and since we were the Blue Intake, the theme was blue.

I'm definitely going to miss being in this class. All the fun we had together, the crazy laughing in Biology class, the surprise birthdays.. I guess this small space on this post isn't going to be enough to describe everything but I'm sure all of you, my dear classmates, know all the great times we had together. I hope this won't be the last time I'm seeing all of you.

Anyway~ Before I get too emotional, let's move on to the day's FOTD & OOTD. No, I didn't wear blue eyeshadow. Blue just scares me. I decided to try out my new Elf Studio Single Eyeshadow in Coffee Bean.

Products used for this look :
Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Eyeshadow Base (Skin Tone)
Elf Brightening Eyeshadow (Butternut)
Maybelline Studio Gel Eyeliner (Brown)
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing
Clinique Loose Powder
Daiso Blusher (Beige)
Lip Ice Lipbalm (Apple)

- Coffee Bean all over lids
- Darkest shade in Butternut on outer v
- Beige shade in Butternut on inner crease
- White/cream shade in Butternut near tear ducts
- Maybelline eyeliner on upper lashline & smudged below

My blue outfit :

Blue checkered long top and denim shorts. I don't like the fact that this top requires ironing (I wore it without ironing anyway lol) or else it'll stay in weird shapes at odd places.

I actually have photos of my makeup 8 hours later but they turned out too dark and all. My eye makeup stayed pretty well except the blended parts were almost gone and I there were some mascara smudges.

Here's some photos of me shamelessly camwhoring lol

These lenses can make my eyes look really big.. Sotong mouth inspired by Connie of 
Skin Deco's post lol

I realise my 'Shh.. face' can look like I'm digging my nose if my finger is a little bit to the left/right lol

Then Putih decided to join me

Why does he look so terrified here?

Much better.. But still not looking at the camera >_<

And this is what happens after a long tiring day (and a Magnum!). Btw, it's a black furry scrunchie, in case you were wondering lol


  1. haha!! by jingyi

  2. Your outfit looks awesomeee!!
    And in reply to your comment on my blog, according to my boyfriend, I don't actually sound that mature in real life xD I think it was just me being nervous so I sounded a lot more formal ><? ehe :D

  3. How sweet!

  4. that outfit is super cute! and i definatly agree with you, those lenses make your eyes look so big :D gorgeous! im so jealous haha ive always wanted to test out some circle lens :D

    oh and im so sorry for not copying and pasting my reply to your question about the elf shimmer pencils on your blog! i swear i thought i posted it but then when i realized i didnt, it was too late :( sorry! but i do hope that the reviwe i just posted was helpful :)


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