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Are SAs being too friendly?

So I read a post over at Beautiful With Brains and I can absolutely relate it to my personal experience. I love looking at makeup at drugstores and I never step into those department shops (the ones in the mall, like Metrojaya etc?) because the girls scare me. I can imagine all of them crowding around me as usually the counters are quite empty.

So I prefer drugstores like Guardian's and Watson's because there's only 2-3 people working in the shop; cashier, store room and one SA (Shop Assistant?). I'm not usually the only person in the store so it's rare to have the SA following me around. Also, they absolutely know how to leave you alone yet give you answers with a smile when you ask.

Now this is not the case in some shops and especially shops like Sasa. Things that I don't like :

1. All of the SAs will greet you with a very loud "Welcome to Sasa!". Okay, maybe they just want you to feel welcomed.

2. Then I noticed that they really need to go to beauty school. I don't think my makeup is that much better but I'm not working at a place that sells makeup. Look at MAC! All the people working there look fabulous. I don't think I want colour recommendations from someone who doesn't know how to do her own makeup. The SA recommended a super pink fuchsia blush for my friend and it didn't suit her at all! She was rather tanned and she looked like she had sunburn.

3. Then as I'm browsing, one will approach me asking if I need help. Most of the time, I'll tell her "No, I'm just looking around myself" and smile at her for being so kind to offer help. And that's when I realise, she's going to follow me around as I browse the entire shop, from skincare to foundations to the nail polishes! It makes me really uncomfortable as I can feel her observing me, looking at my makeup (stop looking at my mascara smudges and fading eyeshadow!) and probably watching me so I don't steal. Okay, even if she wasn't thinking all that, that's how they make me feel and it's not a good feeling.

4. Playing around with other SAs, like tickling them or laughing loudly. Please.. You are working right now. I can accept chatting as it can get boring but making a scene is a big no-no.

My ideal SA would have the following characteristics :
- Welcoming with a smile and if I'm staring at something, ask if I need any help.
- Back off if I say no.
- Don't follow me. I know how to look for you if I need help. It's not a very big shop. Or at least pretend to arrange some stuff while briefly looking to check if I need assistance.
- Doesn't have to have a lot of makeup on but I would like to see bright faces and mascara. If you're going to wear eyeshadow, please make it look good.. Or don't wear any at all.
- If you're going to watch me because your manager tells you to, stand behind me or out of my view so I don't feel so pressured.

Okay, maybe I'm too picky but when a shop makes me feel uncomfortable, I'll just leave straight. I don't care how interested I am in the products. In fact, I won't even look back as I run away from the shop.


  1. totally agreed on all of your points! I can relate to everything about SASA~!
    They greet really loud and that sometimes makes me hesitant in entering the store because I just wanna look around..=__= And darn it, SAs there follow you like a shadow..annoying! What I don't like is when I said I'm looking around, and they looked at me like I'm just a student with no money!(well, most of the time, I really don't hv the budget..haha)
    And one time, when I was looking for a nude, opaque lipstick, this SA, with dried, patchy lipstick on her lips starts to suggest Sasa lipstick to me! Not only is her make-up terrible, she wasn't really helping me with shades too...arrrghh..all in all, I don't like Sasa S.A.

  2. I hate SA. I usually know more about the product then they do. I got a really bad SA at macys last week. I kept asking her if they had a certain item and she said that her store didnt carry it. Then I walked around and found a whole row of them. Seriously? If she said she didnt know I wouldnt have been mad!

  3. @ aisyah
    Yes~~ I think they simply hire high school students who did not take any classes or whatever

    @ Toesthattwinkle!
    Gosh, that is really bad. I hate it that SAs don't know things about their own shop.

  4. Great post and thank you for the link. I agree with everything you said. SAs should be helpful but discreet and if you tell them you are just browsing, they should leave you alone instead of following you around. I hate when that happens, makes you feel like a thief of something and it's very uncomfortable. I just leave empty-handed when that happens and never set foot in the store again, unless it is very crowded so I know they don't have time to pester me.

    And I also hate when shop owners hire SAs that know nothing about makeup. It's very frustrating, when you need help, to realize than I know more than them and they can't help me at all. *sighs*

  5. totally agree with wat u said babe ^^ i myself use to be a SA oso XD

  6. Totally agree! They can get sooo annoying! ARGH


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