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NOTD : Melons

Since it's Halloween month, I dug out my green nail polishes. Well I didn't actually dig for them cos I arrange all of my polishes by colour so the greens were already grouped together. =/ Anyway, I spotted this bright green colour that I would NOT usually wear but I was feeling bright and neon.

I was disappointed that the colour wasn't as bright as in the bottle >_<

This is 2 coats. Looks much better now. It had quite a matte finish so I wasn't so happy about leaving it plain coloured. Thankfully, it had super fine shimmer so it's not that bad.

Wanted to put on some gold glitters but I saw this instead. Despite looking purplish in the bottle, it came out to be gold on my nails.

Then I thought it looked odd and grabbed my white 'lining nail polish' or whatever you call it lol

Somehow I have a feeling that a combination of neon green, glitter and lines is too much hahaha.. Oh well.. I'm stuck with it now for at least a week. I call this melon because it's green and has stripes >_<

Oh a nail moment : Few months back I was doing my getting my hair done at a salon and this lady who works there was chatting with me and she said "Oh! You go for manicure too? =)" *blushes* She was beginning to tell me that they have their own in house manicurist and I had to shyly tell her that I do my own nails =/ And it wasn't even looking that good at that time.


  1. I like what you did to this manicure as Im not sure I love it on its own! its very unique though!
    I love your blog and enjoy reading the posts!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  2. oppps! forgive me for that last posts! your already a follower :( my bad! I do like this combination alot!

  3. Thanks dear ^^ Yes I've followed you lol


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