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Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting Method

Recently, there's this hype about the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum. It says "Perfect V-Shaped Contours from Every Angle". Doesn't that just sound good? Never having to always pose the same way in all your photos or worry about bad shots. Now, I won't be talking about the serum as it's too pricey for me but I did try out the manual auto-lifting method. It's supposed to be done with the serum to enhance it's effectiveness but I just did it alone. To see the steps, go HERE, wait for the animation to end or press Skip. Then click on More beside the huge bottle. At the new pop up, click on Discover Clarins Auto-Lifting Method.

I'll start by describing my face a little. I think I have a square face so there isn't much of a 'v-shape'. I always have to look down a little or find certain angles or else my jaw looks so wide. Not pretty. I discovered that one of the reasons I lack a v-shape is because the skin on my jaw is sagging downwards but I don't have this problem on my chin so it looks more squarish. As you know, gravity tends to have this effect on our skin.

I tried out the routine for about 2 weeks and I have to admit, the extra skin below my jaw is less! After every round, I would feel that the weight on my face is less and it feels more lifted and less tired. I especially like Step 3 (cheeks). At this step, I will put my hands slightly lower then lift up my skin a bit as I apply pressure on my cheeks. This feels really good.. Usually when I pull up my skin on my cheeks, you can see the extra skin being pulled up from my jaw as well. Now, there's almost no difference ^^ (which means there's less skin hanging below my jaws) I don't think I will purchase the serum as my problem is the shape of my facial bones. My face is already following my bone structure and unless I can alter my bones, I'm not getting that v-shape.

This routine is really quick (max 3 minutes?) and sometimes, you're already doing it without realising it. Sometimes I lean my head on my hands when I'm bored or reading something. Then when my eyes are tired / puffy, I apply pressure on them in the same way as Step 2. I did alter the routine a little by adding another step after step 3. My Step 3 would be lifting cheeks to cheekbone then Step 4 is lifting below cheeks to cheek level. I do this as I want to concentrate the 'lifting' to this area.

I don't have exact photos to prove it's effect on my face but I'm quite certain it helped me with the extra skin below my jaw. Also, I think it's good to help our skin fight against gravity.

Here's a photo of me from when I just started this blog, compared to a recent photo.

If you save the below 2 photos, view one and alternate between them quickly, you will notice that in the photo with the red top, my jaw isn't so squarish. I've edited them to be nearly the same size and angle. Yes, the angle is slightly different but it couldn't have caused such a change.

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