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Hot 6th Anniversary Party @ Euphoria

So Nicole invited me to join her at the Hot 6th Anniversary Party at Euphoria, Sunway. Nicole is a makeup student and soon to be makeup artist so she did my makeup for the HOT night. Went to her place at 4+ pm yesterday to get ready and she spent most of the time doing my makeup until she didn't even do her own makeup =( What a sweety..

Say Hi to Mocha, Nicole's super adorable toy poodle. I couldn't stop patting him and he couldn't stop nibbling at me lol

Since my sucky camera couldn't take proper photos, I only have one super dark photo of the HOT belly dance >_<

Goodie bags were given at the entrance along with photo taking of guests, hairstyling, manicure service and handing out of lucky draw numbers. The party was upstairs, where there was a free flow of drinks, comprising of cocktail (don't ask me what kind) or a Martell. We got a great seat right beside the centre so we were comfortable for the entire event.

The belly dancers were really good. I could never do all that shake-shake-shaking. Then there were a few singers (Altimet & Prema Yin) and the host of the night was Hunny Madu! At first it was kinda quiet but things heated up very soon with the Hot's Biggest Fan finals (one stage required them to find someone wearing a thong lol) and the Hottest Person competition. The crowd was going crazy as the 3 super hot people danced to the DJ's tunes.

Goodie bag! It contained a Freshkon notebook, Nescafe sachet, Kotex, CD, Yogood bar, Redken hair stuff, RMK Makeup Base, The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream sample and a big bunch of vouchers.

Then Nicole was so super sweet to give me all these stuff. How did she know I had been lusting over the My Beauty Diary Chocolate mask!?!?!?!

Closeup of eye makeup. Basically it's a dark purple with pink (and a big bunch of other colours I don't know lol), winged liner, mascara & eyebrow pencil. This is just a summary yea. Actually many more products were used lol This look is definitely very different from my usual looks but I'm really liking it =) It was inspired by the look HERE cos I told Nicole I really liked her eyes. Hahaha..

Stupid UNlucky draw number >_<

Since I was feeling so HOT with Nicole's makeup on (lmao *perasan*) I took a lot of camwhore photos. If you're not interested in seeing a vainpot who can't get enough of herself, please don't bother to scroll down lol

Last but not least, I wanna thank Brian, Nicole's hubby for being so nice to drive us there and back then he even belanja makan for supper >_< While Nicole was doing my makeup, I was observing his drawings on the computer. Found out he sold his own comic in US when he was studying and now he even does some designing for people (including name cards and others). 

Special thank you to Nicole again for giving me a wonderful night =) Her makeup was so good that I looked good in most of the photos (am I praising myself or Nicole now? lol)

The following photos are from Nicole's camera.

 Don't ask me why is my hand like a claw here lol

We left right after the last lucky draw as we were hungry. We were waiting for Brian at Sunway Pyramid lol


  1. omg *blushing to max now* lol! i got a lot more to improve, sorry for the delay, started to do makeup for u about 5 sth cos we were busy chit chatting and preparing stuffs >< glad u love the makeup, i will keep on improving to become better and better><

  2. mocha is just a cutey pie! you look great too!

  3. thanks for praising my precious doggy! hahahha XD


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