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DIY Nude Lip Gloss

I'm searching high and low for THE nude lipstick/lip gloss for me but so far I've only found one I like and it's kinda drying. So I decided to try making my own using lip balm. Since it's kinda liquid, I'll call it a lip gloss.

Yes, the colour looks kinda dark but it lightens on my lips.

These are the things I used to make it

Clear 5g jar
My Lip Stuff lip balm
Elf All Over Cover Stick
Lip Ice Lip Gloss
Clinique Loose Powder
Daiso Multicheek Blusher in Beige
Lip brush

I used the MLS lip balm because it was soft enough to mix the other stuff. Also, it's fairly moisturizing, smells good and tastes good (in case the foundation and Elf All Over Cover Stick tasted weird lol). Then I squeezed in some Lip Ice, sprinkled the Clinique until I got the consistency I wanted and added the blusher so it doesn't look too concealer nude.

Lip swatches

The bare lip photo isn't very accurate. My lips are actually more pigmented than that and I don't like it because it makes the colour of my lipsticks different.

Argh! My eyebrows look so uneven here. I can never seem to pluck my brows perfectly lol Maybe I look too pale with the lip gloss on here but I think it'll look better after I have makeup on.

This was my first time so I just kinda mixed alot of stuff inside >_< I think you only need the lip balm, foundation and eyeshadow/ blusher with the colour you want. If you want it to be more watery, use lip balm, clear lip gloss and eyeshadow/ blusher.

One main gripe is I can't (and won't) bring this out with me as touching up with a lip brush and a lip gloss in a jar is kinda weird. Since it's a lip gloss and the lip balm was quite slippery, I expect this to fade very quickly. However, I may be able to put it into an empty lip gloss tube. But I won't do that until I find a shade that I really like. In the mean time, I'll stick to conventional nude lipsticks =x


  1. i love this post! that lip gloss looks like the perfect shade! i would love to try this out if i ever get some free time.. but was just wondering, did you just mix everything up or did you have to melt anything? :) thanks!

  2. @ Nicole
    Haha actually it IS YUMMY xD It's a flavoured lip balm.

    @ Agnes
    I just mixed everything. No melting is needed if you use a soft lip balm. Just use a tooth pick and mix it. Harder lip balms may have lumps though =/

  3. This is cool. I'm 11 and I LOVE making lip gloss! Another method you could use is melt petroleum jelly, lipstick and lip balm together and sprinkle glitter on top. Works great!


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