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Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm (Strawberry)

After my old lip balm mysteriously dropped out of it's container and went MIA, I got this from the nearest Watson's. Popped it open in the car and my Bf immediately stared at me. Why? Because the whole car smelt of sweet strawberries! There were other types as well but I chose strawberry because I like strawberry lollipops =x

The lip balm itself is not too hard so it kinda melts on your lips instead of just coating a layer of 'wax' on your lips. I find it more moisturizing than my previous Lip Ice Lip Balm.

I've gotten used to stepping out of the house with nothing on my lips except this. Lipsticks tend to be drying on my lips so having something moisturizing on sure feels good. It also adds some shine to my lips so it's not so boring.

It's clear and uncoloured so it's perfect for use below other lip products. There are no white residues or waxy feel afterward so reapplication is not a problem. It's not sticky (relatively) and smells heavenly. Mogitate Kajitsu means 'fresh fruits', which suits this lip balm since it contains real fruit juice.
Other 'flavours' available : orange & mango, white peach, grape & berry and lemon & lime.

I think the only con of using this product for me was that the turning mechanism kinda spoiled after a week. It wouldn't go down completely, which is very common for lip balms but I didn't expect it to happen after just a week. It doesn't really affect the usage of the lip balm though.

Ingredients : Refer to back of packaging (2nd pic)
Size : 4.5 g
Price : RM 11.90
Bought from : Watson's
Made in Japan

Pros : Smells really good, cheap, moisturizing, has different variants, not sticky
Cons : Mechanism became faulty after a week
My conclusion : I love sniffing this lip balm every time I use it. There has also been several occasions where I whip out my lip balm and ask my friends to sniff it as well >_< I'm really interested to know how the other lip balms smell like but I will control myself.. I won't buy any more until I finish this and another lip balm which is still unopened =/ Repurchase is definite unless some other brand catches my interest xD

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