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Watson's Moisturising Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract

Because of my recent allergic reaction towards the Colonial Dames cream, I stopped using my relatively new moisturizer in case it irritates my skin (still have not used it long enough to certify it as 'safe'). My skin was getting drier and drier. My first thought : Oh dear.. Nicole is going to kill me. Lol Couldn't stand it anymore after seeing my entire face flaking. Crossed my fingers, put on the mask and plopped onto my bed.

This mask smells cool and soothing, just like a cucumber. I love cucumbers. They're so crispy yet juicy and it gives me the same feel like freshly cut grass or rain. I think it would feel really good if you put it into the fridge before using. It fit quite well on my face. There was A LOT of extra essence in the packet. Hence, I refrigerated it to see if it can be reused xD No dripping but I did rinse it off in the end. I don't understand all these masks that say no rinsing. It's so sticky and feels weird to have that layer on your face.

Before on the left, After on the right. Excuse the weird pose. I was making a sad face because of the allergies lol

Overall complexion brightened, face moisturized (although insufficient to get rid of all the flaking), undereye circles reduced (how did that happen?), redness reduced & allergies appear soothed. I'm not sure if other masks can also sooth my allergies but this did.

Product says : Firming and moisturizing, enriched with natural collagen
Ingredients :  Refer to 2nd pic
Size : 30 ml
Price : RM 8 for 2
Bought from : Watson's
Made in Korea

Pros : Moisturizing, affordable, smells fresh, a lot of extra essence, fits my face, no dripping, sheet is moist enough, reduces redness, slight brightening
Cons :  None?
My conclusion : I like this mask because it's so fresh. Definitely prefer this over all those floral scented ones that just choke me with all the fragrance x.x Urgh.. Wait for a promo to buy the masks as Watson's always has them =)


  1. Archana Shrestha08 March, 2012 09:00

    hello! I was searching for this mask in the google, than I got chance to read your blog! U knw what ur blog is really awesome. Can u tell me where can i find this cucumber mask? hahaha u post this post on dec 2010 and m asking now LOL! I have searched ur page on Facebook but couldn't find don't knw what happen :( 
    anyway i have Facebook page as Me & my nail if u interested :D 
    now again its time to see all ur post :) specially nails!
    nice to see u! U r really beautiful! <3 <3 <3

  2. Hello Archana,
    Thx! This mask can ONLY be purchased from Watson's Pharmacy since it is their own brand product. If you don't have Watson's where you live, I recommend My Beauty Diary masks ^_^ Much better anyway. But make sure it's the new upgraded version with thinner sheets!

    My FB page is new and not really updated =x

  3. Archana Shrestha08 March, 2012 23:34

    Hey!! Isabel! 
    thank you u replied me :D I am here on USA, I will try to find out that & I'm gonna try ur Beauty Diary mask too :D
    ya got ur fb page too... 
    and one more thing u can easily reply for the particular comment clicking by 'Reply'. I noticed ur other comment too...
    <3 <3

  4. Be careful of fakes! You can find info on fake MBD masks on the internet. They can really harm your skin =(

    I know but I normally reply comments through e-mail on my phone so I go through them 1 by 1.

  5. Archana Shrestha10 March, 2012 08:56

    I search through all but can not find :( anyway thanks for ur concern :D your skin is really awesome!!
    keep blogging! 

    Oh! so u reply through ur phone ehehe 
    well take care!

  6. Colleen Scorse31 March, 2012 21:10

    Where can I buy this in Australia

  7. Hi Colleen,

    Sorry, I don't think you can get this from Aus as it's under Watson's brand unless you have Watson's pharmacy there?
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