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Why A Patch Test Is Important & Giveaways

* If you didn't read yesterday's post and you're really crazy about giveaways, you should check it out lol Putting giveaways at the bottom of posts can be fun xD There's some here too

A patch test is simply using new products somewhere on your jaw or wherever you want (some apply on their wrist but my wrist certainly isn't sensitive enough) before using it on the entire face. So if your skin has any negative reactions toward the product, it would only be in a small area, not your whole face.

I've always thought of my face to be rather 'tough' and not sensitive so I never do a patch test. And I so totally regret it!!! T_T~ Alas, my face is horribly allergic to something. Remember the Colonial Dames cream I posted about yesterday? I tried it out twice before realising something was wrong as I had something like looked like rashes on my face. It was really bad on my left cheek, going all the way up to my undereyes and some on my right cheek as well. I'm pretty sure it's the cream as it was the only product I used on both my undereyes and cheeks recently. Also, it was the only NEW product I tried.

So what's a post on my blog without a photo of me? >_< Can't believe I'm posting ugly pics of myself.

Gah~ Can you see the 'rashes'? My poor undereyes T_T And this is after 2 days of anti allergy cream + anti histamine (Zyrtec) day and night! I'm just glad it's starting to go away.. I also haven't been getting good sleep. Hence the panda eyes.

I really should have done a patch test but it would have turned up okay anyway. You see, I applied the cream all over my face and neck but the only places that reacted were my cheeks and undereyes, which are places where I obviously wouldn't have done my patch test at.

And some giveaway updates :

Link :
Ends : 31st December
Too Faced cosmetics are just too pretty to resist! You should all join this!!

Link :
Ends : 3rd December (that's tomorrow!)

Link :
Ends : 13th December

No pic cos it's not under Blogspot and I'm afraid it'll slow down her site or sth lol
Link :
Ends : 25th December

Link :
Ends : 18th December
First time seeing a giveaway that does NOT require you to follow them o.O Sorry if I seem selfish or what but I will not follow your blog if it isn't my type no matter how good your prizes are =/
Lol when I saw the name of this blog, I immediately thought of Gossip Girl >_< I've never actually seen any of these items before and the Loreal Shadow Sticks look interesting xD It's so cheap at $2. Why isn't it available in my country!!! Argh~

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  1. i don't do patch tests either :P hahah, i don't think i will until something like that happens to me :X got to have the results before i learn my lesson > <


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