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November Haul

It's the month of December already! Time flies.. Christmas is coming!! But I don't usually do much for Christmas anyway.. Kinda just feels like any other day, actually =/

After a natural workshop at Enak KL, I headed to Sungai Wang for some shopping with my sister. I haven't been there for ages and I was itching for some shopping lol We walked around and browsed the shops but I don't think we covered even half of them. And we didn't even go to the 6th floor! T_T But I was pooped and it was getting late. Was rushing to meet my Bf for dinner & movie lol Anyway, I love shorts so I bought 2 pairs, 1 in black (because I don't own decent black shorts and I'm always borrowing my sister's) and another in a brownish gray colour (just because the colour is unique). I love the brownish gray one (not pictured)! It's so comfy and the ruched design is lovely. Kinda compliments my bum xD Also, both shorts don't really need a belt but I do feel more comfortable wearing one (just in case my undies show at the back lol). Both were RM 40 each. A little pricey for a non branded item but it's so darn hard to find shorts that fit me and my thighs (has to be stretchable too!) so I just gave in.

I missed the Loreal warehouse sale the other day (noooo!!!) but I did ask Nicole to get one (only 1) item, which was the YSL matt touch primer. She used it on me for the makeup at the Hot 6th Anniversary party and I fell in love with it. It's so hard to find an oil control primer that actually works. This costs RM 30.

Then lovely Nicole also passed a big bottle of the Hada Labo AHA/BHA Facial Wash to me. Muahhahaha.. I'm using the small bottle now and I have been telling her how much I love it.

My bro bought these from his colleague. Didn't even know Avon sold non cosmetic stuff.

Then I bought several items from Yosiho Trading of I love everything! Already wore the grey scrunchie and the butterfly bracelet. I'm planning to buy several more items ^_^ They're of a surprisingly good quality for the price. Total was RM 25.90 including Poslaju.

My sis bought some Colonial Dames items from Watson's. They were in a package together and only cost RM 30+ which is really cheap since the cream alone is more than that (I think?). Funny cos I saw her using it on her legs for dry skin. She didn't know it was meant for the face until I told her >_< Guess reading the description is good!

Then it was my turn to go to Watson's to haul some masks.. Muahahahha... I didn't lose control okay.. The Watson's brand ones were 2 for RM 8 while the Purederm ones were RM 5.02 each. My skin was in desperate need of hydration after coming back from Genting. Come to think of it.. They aren't very cheap. I could have bought 10 My Beauty Diary Masks + Poslaju from for this price.. =/

Also got a Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton Wipes. Meant for use in Genting but I didn't in the end >_< However, it did come in handy later on. Review coming soon!

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And if you're a darling and you actually read my posts, you would have found this at the end of this post.. More giveaways to join! xD I'm not joining some of these as the blogs aren't really my type. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't share them and let another have a go =)

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