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Products Finished in November

Another month nearer to Christmas! Guess my Christmas present arrived early. Just got a call from Cleo Magazine saying that I was among the ones chosen for the hair makeover (yay!). She said it's a drastic change so she was asking if I'm okay with it. Truthfully, the 'drastic' word kinda scared me but I just agreed, ignoring any description she gave in case it would make me chicken out xD I thought I heard the word blonde and bangs although I must must MUST have heard wrongly about the blonde part.

Last month.. I finished 6 products. Glad I'm keeping up with the P5P-kinda thingy lol
So far, I've finished up mainly skincare and soaps. None of my makeup look anywhere near to finishing =/ I really gotta start using them more and stop buying!

November's to do list isn't looking very good lol
  • Study for exams! I was very hardworking at first but towards the end I just lost all mood to study >_< Does anyone else have that problem?
  • Spend less time online. I'm practically glued to the computer every single day. FAIL! Lmao.. I'm still a computer geek but I'm on my blog less now. Progress, perhaps?
  • Go out more (I'm suck a geek >_<) Wish I could more but I'm sick now and going out when you're sick isn't very fun =(
  • Go swimming with my friend. Right after my exams ended, I fell sick so no, I haven't been swimming. Argh!
  • Be more active as a blogger in real life & participate in events. Lol.. Not so successful in this
For next month, I simply wish I would wear sunblock more often >_< After getting sunburnt at Genting, my friend revealed that she regretted not wearing sunblock. In fact, I do too =(


    1. T_T how come bloggers need to be active n participate in events..

      i started blogging bcoz i am anti-social n wish to be online than in real life.. hahahaaaa

    2. Lol cos I feel that ever since I started my blog, everyday stick to the computer oni =_= Im becoming more and more of a computer geek! I want to go out + do something I want (blog) = events lo xD

    3. maybe you can organize some bloggers meetup XD?
      i'm more interested to know how you could finish 6 products in a month (Impressive!!!), seriously!!!

    4. Oh dear, Jen, maybe there's a misunderstanding here lol Apart from the soap samples (they're only sample sized!), I did not finish the rest in a month. Just that I happened to finish them in November but I could have been using them for months xD

      A blogger's meetup sounds good though =) I've read about them happening in other countries but it's not common among beauty bloggers here (we're not really just bloggers, who blog about anything and everything). We usually only meetup for events and workshops haha

    5. It's okay I NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME OUTSIDE THE HOUSE xD I'm always cooped up in my room staring at the computer screen xD .... probably why my eye sight is so bad =3= but ah wells <33

    6. impressive what~^___^ good for you for finishing something! My make-up is still far faaaar from hitting pan..but at least I made some dent in some eyeshadow pan! yippee~~=D
      Wish I could be active for outside event too..seems like fun..=)

    7. @ Melody
      Hahaha.. my eyesight is really really bad too =x I guess I should start eating a carrot a day!

      @ aisyah
      I don't think I've even hit pan on ANY of my makeup except foundation >_< I just keep buying but I barely use makeup

    8. it would be great if you could find more outside events because that would help you:

      spend less time online
      go out more
      be more active

      and these events would make for great blog posts!
      hope you feel better though!

    9. I just can't seem to get in the mood to study AT ALL! LOL! Actually, that's not funny! I have had a really hard time getting in the mood to study all my life... maybe I'm just not meant to be in school?

      Congrats on using up all of those products!

    10. Yup, Cheryl that's exactly what I mean to do =) Hope it'll turn out good!

      Me too Gaby.. I absolutely know what you mean >_< Maybe you're too smart to be in school xD Yeah!


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