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Must Up Candy

Okay, I know this is a rather sensitive topic but I know many, and I mean MANY girls out there are insecure about their body, including me. I mean, don't you admire that slim waist the model has?

Or her curves? The way her butt is so perfect and round

Even before I hit 21, I've tried several methods to increase my boob size which isn't good cos our body is still growing until we turn 21 and it's not right to interfere with the growth process. Then I also thought everything below my waist was too big, right to my feet lol Then my hair wasn't right, my face was the wrong shape etc.

Well anyway, I've tried things like the Hai Sun Fong breast pump which was selling like hot cakes on At first I thought it was working but I realise it's only making my tissues swollen temporarily. I thought perhaps it would work better on someone who already has a 'normal-sized-boob' so there would be something to enhance so I sold it off. However, after reading more testimonials, I'm beginning to think that it actually doesn't work.

After that, I got some kinda bubble spray from Sasa, which I eventually got too lazy to use LOL It also didn't work. There was a short term boost though. Breasts felt firmer and slightly lifted. This wasn't quite useful for me as my boobs were too small to sag anyway lol!

* Photo from HERE

Then I found this thing called the Must Up Candy & Cream. I wasn't very much into the idea of buying the cream as it was a little pricey and I still had the bubble spray so I got a packet of the candy to try out. The seller wasn't lying when she said these were yummy!! I looked forward to eating them everyday and had to hold back from eating more than 2. This was important as it really helped me continue the 'routine' and not give up. I am quite sure my size has increased a tiny bit and I continued to purchase & consume it for about 2-3 months. However, the initial results were the only results. I had to stop after a while though so I don't know if eating it continuously for a year could have yielded anything. Good news was it didn't shrink back after I stopped.

Now, you may wonder why I stopped. I had EXTREME mood swings, constantly picking fights with people around me and the Bf suffered from it. I was furious one moment and depressed the next. I just can't believe it took me that long to realise that the candies were causing it. After 1 and a half months of stopping, my mood stabilized again and I stayed away from the candies. Consider that lesson learnt..

Well now, I think I'm pretty confident with my own body. No, I'm not model material but I'm happy with the way I am. Comments saying I'm fat, flat or ugly doesn't really bother me anymore. I have friends around me and a bf who loves me.

So a message to all the girls out there. No matter what size you are or how nerdy you look.

*Photo from HERE

It doesn't matter if you have small eyes.

Or big eyes

You are beautiful as long as you are confident about yourself.

Oh btw yesterday I went to Carrefour with my parents and I cheated on my shopping ban *Gasp!* I was so happy about finishing products then I realised I didn't have any backups so I had to buy new ones =_= I guess doing a project 5 pan and having a shopping ban on the same month isn't such a good idea.

I got a Juju Aquamoist Moisturizing Cleansing Water (RM 45.99), Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm (RM 14.50) & a 'pimple poking/squeezing tool' (RM 4.90). Prices are not very accurate cos I forgot them >_< I still have some bottles of the Maybelline Makeup Remover but it's for eye makeup and I find it too oily for use on my face. I don't normally have eye makeup on so I wanted something lighter.


  1. You go girl! Finally a woman who is real! :)

  2. Omg didn't know the Must Up Candy is that harmful! Lucky I read your post darling, really almost bought it from LYN wei. *smacks self for falling for clever marketing gimmicks* Haha. Thank you for blogging about this dear! :D
    P/s: LOL at the cute big-eyed sugar gliders! :)

  3. maybe its just certain types of people because when I took the candies, I had less cramps and less PMSing episodes before my period! skin~~~ it was so nice~~~ only downside for me was that it did shrink a little bit after I stopped - _ -;;

  4. I have bad mood swings enough already .___ . shoot I think i'll stick to my tiny perky boobs.

  5. Dose the cream and candy really work i been using them but dont take mesurments did it work on amy one


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