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Concealing Undereye Circles

Lately, I've been having a bad case of dark undereye circles. I've always had them but they were really bad now so I decided to show you how I conceal them (or at least lighten them). These are the products I used for this post.

Before any makeup, I always prep with eye cream or moisturizer. Omg look how bad it is. It's dark and puffy! >_< My eye looks so tired and droopy. I can't believe I'm posting photos of me like this online!

I used the Elf All Over Cover Stick as a concealer. Placed one finger on the stick to pick up ample amount and gently pat below my eyes, concentrating on the 'half moon' below the inner corner. *No rubbing or else it will enhance the fine lines

At this moment I already have sunblock on my entire face as well so I have to set everything with powder (I wasn't wearing foundation). I noticed that this sunblock gives my face a certain glow and gives it a lift. Also, by now you would have noticed that my undereyes look oddly fair and bright. Powder evens out and mattes it for a more natural look.

It's still pretty dark even after concealing. I like to apply a highlighter on my undereye as it somehow makes it appear lighter. Here, I'm using the Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance, applied with my finger.

I think the highlighter made my undereyes look puffy so I applied a tiny bit of brown eyeshadow on upper lids, near the lash line and curled my lashes. I notice it helps a little to balance it.

I also applied the Daiso blusher in Beige on my cheeks. End result : My undereyes are still dam puffy (nothing I can do about this) but the darkness is reduced by alot. The difference is more noticeable in real life. I don't normally conceal everything, just lighten it as I don't want it to look too fake.

Oh I watched Drag Me To Hell on Sat night with the Bf and his sister at his place (DVD). It was out last year but I don't remember seeing it at the cinema. It's showing on Astro on 17th October though. Gosh, this movie is so 'gan chiong' (full of suspense). It's about this girl who works at the bank. One day she is cursed and she desperately finds a way to undo it. It's obscenely gross, creepy and there are many moments where I cringed with disgust.


  1. aww I got that too. i duno why. at least it helped :)
    thanks for the tip!

  2. I use Benefit Concealholic ! :)


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