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Silkygirl Moisture Max Lipgloss (02 Fuschia)

I was having a pale lip day so I decided to do lip gloss reviews since they probably wouldn't show up much on more pigmented days.

I know this is pretty late but I just got around to taking photos of it. I won this Silkygirl Moisture Max Lipgloss from a giveaway HERE from Connie of SkinDeco, one of my favourite blogs to read ^^ I was so excited when I saw my name there because I never thought I would win! I've been swatching and swatching the colours at Guardian's but never leaving with one because the colours looked either too pink or too brown. However, I decided to try this since I already have it.

To my surprise.. It's actually not bad! Here's the on lip swatches

Aren't shimmery lip glosses just lovely? =) And this gives a very pretty shine too. However, it feels kinda sticky for me. Even when I was swatching at the pharmacy, the stickiness remained on my hand even after I wiped it off. Btw, in the photo above, you can see my hair sticking onto my lower lip!! >.<

Full faced photos. The shine can be seen in both photos! I like this lip gloss ^^ I usually don't have makeup on for review photos so please excuse the undereye circles and scars >.<

The usual doe foot applicator.. This is actually my fav type of applicator for lip glosses. So easy to use and control. Personally, I don't like those where you have to squeeze out of the tube through a small hole.

After reading Connie's review HERE, I really want to get Nude! But I'm not sure if it will suit me.. =/

Product says : Enriched with Jelly Base to provide your lips with maximum moisture. It is also formulated with Shine Boosting Agent that imparts a bee-stung effect with high-wattage shine on your lips minus the tacky, sticky feel. This caring lip gloss contains Repairing Essence to repair and stimulate the production of collagen; thus lips become firmer and fuller.
Price : RM 15.90 / RM 12.90 (sale)
Bought from : Pharmacies (Guardian's, Watson's etc)
Pros : Shimmery, shiny, cheap, nice packaging,
Cons : Sticky, not many colours, not very pigmented, no ingredients list/size
My conclusion : Like it, although I'm not wearing it much because it's sticky (hair stuck on lips is not sexy). Interested in getting other colours as well because it's so cheap! Maybe Amber, Nude & perhaps Rose.

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