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NYX Tinted Lip Spa

My lips have always been dry. I guess it's mainly because I don't like drinking water (I know, that's weird). I always have a lip balm in my bag but I have a bad habit of licking my lips. I got this because I was in a NYX craze. It just looked like an overpriced coloured lip balm but I got it anyway. Little did I know, this lip balm was about to change my life (lol so exaggerated). It truly amazed me with its ability to transform my dry chapped lips to become soft and kissable.

My first colour was Copacabana which is a pale light pink. I used to find it really unwearable, making me look pale and sickly but I recently took it out to use again and I really like it! I envy those girls with light pink lips that look so girly cos my lips are more towards the pigmented side. This tinted lip spa lightens my lip colour and gives me that perfect sweet lip colour. I've learnt to use only a soft dab on my lips or else it'll look like the NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia which didn't go well on me at all.

One main gripe I have is it's really soft texture. The packaging was designed so that I would have to turn it all the way down before I close the cap as there's no space below the cap like normal lip balms. Because it's so soft, each time I turn it down, I risk scraping it on the side of the tube. It also means I have to be careful when I bring it out and also not to drop it or else the stick might break. Each time I apply it on my lips the whole stick moves about and tends to lean to one side so I have to push it straight again before turning it down.

Despite all that, the texture is actually perfect as you just have to lightly dab it on your lips to get a good amount of product on your lips. This will put a light coat of colour on your lips but if you want it to show more, just press harder. With this, I don't even need lipstick/lipgloss.

NYX was not wrong to call this a lip spa. It is AMAZING! One swipe is all it takes to make your lip problems disappear. It also doesn't leave a weird waxy feel nor does it have an overwhelming scent.

Later on, I proceeded to buy this in Spirit, Sake and Orange Passion. Spirit is my fav.. It's like a light coral colour which compliments my skintone really well. Sake is a light red which is pretty wearable. I expected Orange Passion to be orangey but it turned out to be even redder than Sake =/ There any many other colours on Cherry Culture. I might try Vintage, Jewel, Juicy, Hush or Pinky Winky. I don't know.. They all look so tempting x.x

There's a small round 'window' at the top so you can see the colour without taking it out. This is useful for people like me. I keep my lipsticks standing in a box in my drawer so it would be a hassle to remove each lipstick to see the name. But then again, I always arrange my lipsticks in a certain order so I can roughly know which is which.

Now, on to the swatches. Photo may look a little washed out / blue but I've edited each swatch to match it's real colour.

On my lips. First up is Copacabana. Like before, I have different 'before' photos for each as rubbing can make my lips red. I also have 2 different photos with them on, one applied lightly and the other applied heavily. For the full faced photos, they are all applied heavy, except Spirit.

I like the faint pink colour when applied lightly but once I applied more, it turned into a light mauve-y colour which I do NOT like at all.

Next is Spirit.. <3

Not much difference when applied light or heavy, unlike the other colours. Spirit is very natural for me.

This is Sake

IMO, Sake is for a more mature look. This could be the border of red for me. I don't think I'll be going any redder than this. Then I saw the tube of Orange Passion.

I thought I wasn't going to like this colour since it's so bright, red and bolder than the rest.

After taking the photos, I quite like it! I'm actually gathering the courage to get a red lipstick (I had NYX RLS in Snow White but my mum took it x.x) so this is one step ahead ^^

Copacabana and Spirit were very creamy but Sake and Orange Passion were more solid. That's why the 'light' swatches didn't really show up for the latter 2.

If you've done lipstick swatches before (more than 1 at a time), you would know that all the rubbing to remove the lipstick would leave your lips very dry and abused. This however, made them look better!

Notice how my lips look softer and the lip lines are less obvious compared to the before photo for Copacabana? This lip spa is a must get!

Product says :
Website : Lip conditioner with just a hint of color!
Tinted lip spa is full of moisturizing and nourishing benefits to give your lips the ultimate spa treatment they deserve.
Tube : Gorgeous lip spa treatment with just a hint of colour so it will give you a natural, luscious & oh so kissable lips.
Ingredients : Ceresin wax, Beeswax, Microcrystalline wax, Olive wax, Titanium dioxide, Mica, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Lanolin oil, Hydrogenated resin, Pigment
Size : 4.8 g / 0.17 oz
Price : RM 13+ to RM 15+
Bought from : Cherry Culture (via spree organizers on
Made in China

Pros : Excellent moisturizing effect, tinted, cheap for the quality, can layer to adjust colour intensity, not sticky
Cons : Too soft, packaging

My conclusion : I am in love with these. Will definitely buy more!

I bought each of these from different spree organizers. Hubby_enny was selling for RM 15.20, I bought one from j3nny9irl for RM 15, sgdrugstore sold to me for RM 14.53 and mandyl had the lowest price of RM 13.10. Personally, I like buying from Mandy. She's nice and her prices are often the lowest!

If you are from the US, you can also buy NYX from Nonpareil Boutique and NYX Cosmetics. However, buying from the original NYX website is actually MUCH more expensive, which doesn't make sense.


  1. I love NYX lipsticks! I have the shaxde in India and its such a pretty peachy color!
    ohh Orange Passion looks gorgeous on you :)

  2. these sound amazing! I always have a problem with dry lips

  3. India? I don't think I've seen that shade.. I don't use the NYX lipsticks anymore because I've grown to like nudes and brighter colours now. Somehow all the colours I have seem so boring and dark now =(

    Same here, Amy. Maybe you should give these a try. I almost don't wear lipstick out anymore cos these are so much better! And they don't require a lip balm underneath =P

  4. These look lovely! I'm soo envious we can't get hold of NYX in the UK.. or not where I live anyway! x

  5. Oh actually, I can't get NYX locally as well. I think someone in US (X) ordered them from CherryCulture, then our Malaysian spree organizers (Y) asks X to ship it over then Y will post it out to us

    This is also useful because most of us Malaysians don't have Paypal.

  6. are you holding the orange passion in this pic?
    thanks. :)

  7. Yup! I'm holding Orange Passion =)

  8. Nyx is the perfect lippy for you if you have dry lips. :)
    ~Pauline @

  9. I happen to be wearing it right now! ;)

  10. Yes I do agree it works wonders on dry lips


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