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NOTD : Yellow with Black Stripes

I used to paint my nails a lot. I would change it every week, stick on 'crystals', put a glittery top coat on.. There wasn't a day that I would have naked nails. Don't know why I stopped. I guess my interest shifted to makeup instead. Today was supposed to be a 'put-on-a-mask-and-relax' day but I decided to paint my nails instead.

Some months back, I went to the night market with my sister and we went nail polish shopping. So many colours to choose from! One of them was this bright yellow colour.

But the moment I put it on, whatever love I had for this nail polish went out the window. Instead of the vibrant yellow I was expecting, I got this ugly mustard colour.

Also, it was kinda sheer so I had to put on 2 layers. Still don't like the colour. I wanted the colour on the tissue paper =/

Decided to use the 'line' nail polish. The brush is thin and long as it's specially for drawing lines. Initial idea : Tiger stripes. Result? : Not so much like tiger stripes =/

Now you see what I mean? I don't even know wth is that >.< Urgh.. I suck at nail art lol But at least I get to put on a mask with painted nails now ^^

Anyway, this is the so called fake Jorein's mask in Green Tea Active Oxygen Purifying Mask.

There's a lot of essence in the packet but I'm going to throw it all away because the last time I slathered the extras on my face, it made my face itch.

'Before' face

This mask is too big for my face >.< *Showing off nails* The hole for the mouth is so low! Like wth? Is my mouth high or what? It's covering my entire upper lip! Then I had to fold the sides cos it's too wide. And the part for the chin keeps dropping down. Sometimes, I have essence dripping off it so now I always squeeze out any extra essence before putting it on my face. 

While waiting for the mask, I decided to continue with my nails. Stuck on some floral nail stickers (which didn't turn out that obvious) and rewrote the Bf's name. I plan to make it a permanent thing on my thumb so that he'll always be near me, no matter where I go. After that, applied Silkygirl High Gloss Topcoat. It smudged the black lines >.< That's what you get for using pasar malam stuff!

You can see when the mask is dry. It turns sort of whitish. After removing the mask, I will pat my face abit to let it absorb the essence. Then I ALWAYS wash it off. I NEVER leave facial masks on my face as it causes me to itch.

My uncle from Canada also bought this packet of Kirkland Dried Whole Blueberries. One word : yummy!

Ok I was actually chewing in the last photo but it turned into that weird face lol

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers out there!~ =)


  1. Super pretty! I love yellow nail polishes!

  2. Thx ^^ I still want it to be more vibrant though.. Then I saw this :

    Think mixing yellow eyeshadow would help? lol


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