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Giveaway : Missy Doroshi

Unlike the usual blogs I follow (beauty, hauls, swatches, skincare, cosmetics), Missy Doroshi has AMAZING photos of food!! ^_^ They all look so yummy and the shops are local! So I can actually go there and eat the food, not just drool at the photos. I highly doubt I would go though -_- I'm the most boring person when it comes to food. Each time my parents ask me what I want for breakfast / lunch / dinner, I always ask for the same things. 'Anything lah' and 'si dan lah' have become my favourite foods =/

Anyway, she's having her first mini giveaway after blogging for 3 years. My main reason for joining :

Yes, it's a lipstick! After reading her blog, I think her giveaway should have been yummy food, not makeup lol

Urgh.. After looking through her blog, my tummy is growling. Time to raid my kitchen!

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  1. thank for the heads up :)

    ooh and by the way, do you speak canto?


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