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Spa Ingredients Mango & Papaya Scrub

Mm.. Doesn't this just look good to you? (okay, it looks abit like baby food lol) As I have mentioned before, Alice sent me a sample of the Spa Ingredients Mango & Papaya Scrub along with my latest organic soap purchase.

Spa Ingredients Mango & Papaya Scrub sample jar

I didn't bother to open it until now cos I'm not a fan of body scrubs after my experience with the Yoko spa salt. The moment I popped open the cap, woah!!~~ It smells amazing.. Like banana milkshake.. It took me a few more sniffs before I realised it's mango, not banana >.< Got my fruits mixed up. So.. it smells like mango milkshake..

Spa Ingredients Mango & Papaya ScrubSmells like mangoes

And you know what else I realised?

It matches my new nails! lol

Boy am I glad I tried this. It's so different from the Yoko spa salt! It's creamy but not sticky, easy to spread but not oily & it smells great.

Spa Ingredients Mango & Papaya Scrub review

I left it on for a bit to snap photos. It looks so shiny and smooth.

This body scrub is also not harsh but it gets the job done. My skin is smooth and it doesn't look raw or red.

However, for stubborn areas like the knees and elbow, I would prefer something with more beads to scrub. Also, the price is a little pricey =( You could also use a loofah to exfoliate your body as well and that lasts a really long time. You just won't smell good like a mango.

Btw, there are many other 'flavours' as well. Just click HERE for her website or you can see them at her LYN page. Personally, these look very very interesting..

Product says : Benefit - lightens dark complexion
Ingredients : Extract of Mango & Papaya, Virgin Coconut Oil, Apricot Seeds, Vitamin E, Foaming Lotion
Size : 10 g / 100 g / 300 g
Price : RM 5 (10 g) / RM 45 (100 g) / RM 80 (300 g)
Bought from : BubblezShoppe
Made in Philippines
Pros : Creamy, gentle, smells good
Cons : Not enough beads, pricey
My conclusion : Sorry Alice, but I probably wouldn't buy this because of the price. If it was for the face I might but the body needs a whole lot more scrubs than the face. Maybe when I start working I will..


  1. Hello Isabel,

    Thanks for your review on the scrub. Kindly stay tuned to our blog for our upcoming promotion on the scrub!

  2. It looks yummy! And the chocolate one... YUMMMMM!!!

  3. Yes, I know Gaby! I wonder if it tastes good xP Looks like melted chocolate ice cream with some cocoa powder on top x.x


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