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Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss (Shimmering Pink)

My sis got a box of these as a gift and there were 3 lip glosses inside, Shimmering Pink, Radiant Mauve and Sparkling Ruby. However, I have no idea where the mauve and red are.. I think they're with my mum. The colour shown from HERE is so off lo! It looks like a red on the website when it actually is a really light pink. Personally, I like the look of this lip gloss. It's simple yet elegant, with the gold strip and black cap. Doe foot applicator is also easy to use.

Do you see how shimmery this is? <3

Swatch on my lips. This gloss is more noticeable in real life. I think it's a frosty pink (not very sure about the term) so it does make my lips look a lil white sometimes when I apply too much. Thus, I don't quite like frosty lipsticks/lip glosses. Extra marks for not being sticky! However, when it dries, I did notice some of the residue on my lips.

Since you can't really see it, this is with flash. I don't normally take photos with flash as it washes out the colour but you can really see the shimmer here!

Now.. Which post of mine is complete without some camwhoring photos? xD

Lol! I look absolutely ridiculous in the photo below. But you can see a little bit of the whiteness in my lips. Somehow it was the only method to show it in photos lol

The Silkygirl Moisture Max Lipgloss I reviewed yesterday was also shimmery but this is better because it's not sticky. I just don't quite like the colour.. I can't really pull off this lip gloss.

Product says : Glides over lipstick for brilliant shine or smoothes on alone for glamorous, glossy lips
Size : 6.5 ml / 0.22 fl oz
Made in USA

Pros : Shimmery, small amount needed, shiny, not sticky
Cons : Frosty, pricey
My conclusion : I don't think I'll be buying Elizabeth Arden products for now. While I'm still not working, I shall stick to drugstore products.


  1. I'm sure all gloss looks good on you, because your lips are perfect. You give Angelina Jolie Compeition!

  2. LOL! Your comment made me laugh =D

    No way.. Angelina's lips are wayyy better. She's my sister's idol =)


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