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Get a Free Sample of b.liv by Cellnique's Off With Those Heads

Having sleepless nights over those icky black dots on your nose? Has your date ever wanted to kiss you then ran away because he saw your nose? No? Really? Well, if your answer is yes, he's a real jerk! And.. you might wanna try out b.liv by Cellnique's Off With Those Heads. It's certainly a hot selling product but not all of us are willing to spend RM 139 for a small 30 ml bottle. So here's a chance to get a sample size of 3 ml (worth RM 13.90!) to try out first. To find out what you have to do, click HERE to visit Connie's (Skin Deco) website.

Oh yeah, while you're at it, check out The Egg Yolks for some ridiculously hilarious posts. It's not beauty related but I just love their drawings ^^

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