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Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation

I used to love BB creams. But I hated the fact that most were only available in one shade and it'll be really fair and pink. Then, it would oxidise badly and become a much darker colour. I couldn't take it anymore and moved on to liquid foundations. My first one was the Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation in 100 Ivory. But because I had no experience in choosing shades, I chose a shade that was too fair for me but it was still wearable. I like that this foundation makes my skin look really smooth. According to my classmate, it's also very natural.

I apply this with the stippling method using the Elf Studio Powder Brush. I usually pour it on my hand first to warm it up and also because it tends to make a big mess. Every single time I pour it out, too much comes out and it continues like a volcano erupting even though I'm already holding it upright. As you can see in the photos above, it's rather messy around the nozzle and cap. Because it dries pretty fast, half of the foundation I pour on my hand dries before I manage to transfer it to my face. So now I pour it directly on my flat topped Elf Studio Powder brush. This isn't good though. As the foundation can seep inside the brush between the bristles and get dirty. When I observe my skin closely in the mirror, I can see that it's rather patchy. But no one goes that close to my face, right? And those that do, well.. they won't mind my patchy foundation lol

So I tried this with a wet sponge, thinking it may reduce the patchiness. With the sponge, I can just pour it on my sponge, dab on my face then spread it. Yes, some product does seep into the sponge but it's much less compared to the amount that dries on my hand. But because the shade is too light for me, it turned out even fairer compared to application with the brush (don't know why). It is less patchy when applied with a sponge.

The coverage is not awesome but it will lighten scars or pimples (I have photos of me wearing it in tomorrow's post). It does wear off by the end of the day. I know this because when I was removing it, only a little came off. I wonder where I rubbed off all my foundation.. However, even though there was barely any foundation left on my face, I still looked okay. It doesn't oxidise that bad, unlike BB creams.

After I'm done with this, I may purchase the Stay Matte ones and I'll be sure to get something darker this time. I have already swatched the colours and I'm sad to say that a lot of them are too fair for me. The colour selection is also not much. They are however, not very pinkish and being too fair is not as bad as being too fair AND too pink.

Product says : 16 hour transfer-resistant wear. Mineral formula helps energise skin.
Ingredients : (Click to enlarge)

Size : 30 ml
Price : RM 3x (depending on place and promotions)
Sold at : Pharmacies (Guardian's, Watson's etc)
Made in England
Pros : Not too pink, natural looking, several shades available
Cons : Hard to control amount that comes out, patchy

My conclusion : May repurchase if I find a suitable shade.


  1. I have the Stay Matte ones!
    The smell is pleasant but somehow, the foundation doesn't stay put easily! maybe that's because I'm using my finger. But anyway, if you like the ordinary Rimmel foundation, you might like the Stay Matte one too. I like the packaging. It's really compact and easy to bring. But it doesn't on me quite as I want it too.

  2. What do you mean by it doesn't stay put? It fades or it slides around on your face and doesn't dry?

  3. slides around on my face and doesn't dry properly.
    I mixed it with Missha's eye brightener and it worked well after that..ekeke..problem solved. But on its own, I don't really like it.

  4. Yee.. That's not good. Did you use too much? I've never experienced any foundations that don't dry properly before. I will check for more reviews before purchasing then

  5. I got the Stay matte its not great at all nowhere near as goos as the lasting finish 16hr. I think the lasting finish is oilier so its stays on longer, while the stay matte obviously is not as oily but it doesnt have any last in it so it wares off after about 2hrs. Thats just my experience with it!

  6. The Stay Matte sucks! It feels heavy, it take longer to dry, and it doesn't really give me that matte look at all! If I sweat, I look as though I didn't wash my face. I try with both sponge and brush, but it still feels heavy even though it's just a light coverage. Plus, the foundation doesn't stick well unless I use face powder after the foundation (which I usually skip because I'm too lazy and doesn't want to feel heavy).

    I never use the lasting finish 16h because some people say it doesn't go well with oily face like mine. But so far, I think Revlon Colorstay 24h is so much better than Rimmel Stay Matte


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