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FOTD & OOTD : Hospital Trip Again

Sorry if the first few photos appear patchy and grainy. I was using my handphone's camera while the later photos were from my actual camera so they look smoother.

Bare face on the left, with foundation on the right. I'm using the Rimmel Long Lasting 16 Hour Foundation which I reviewed yesterday. It lightened the scars & pimples on my forehead and most importantly, my undereye circles!

Because the foundation made me look so fair and pale, I decided to use a pink blusher. This is the Multi Cheek Blusher in Pink which I got from Daiso for RM 5. This is really worth it loh. It's so big and quite pigmented. It also comes with a brush but I find it scratchy.

Don't freak out if the foundation appears extremely patchy here. It's just the camera! >.<

I'm wearing Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick in Pink Naturals (got this at the warehouse sale). This is one of my lightest pinks but I still want something lighter. I saw some pretty colours from Silkygirl but when I look in the tube the colour is so dark!

Finished look

I've learnt my lesson. Phone's camera is never as good as a camera. Here's me 1-2 hours later, using my CAMERA. My lipstick is gone as I had lunch but the foundation looks much better now. As my face is oily/combination, the oil has caused it to be less patchy. It's also looking dewy and glows.

Very very light eye makeup as I was in a rush lol. I'm using this brown palette alot lately. Just a little brown on outer half and white on inner half. Hardly noticeable here but I assure you, it does make a difference for my eyes. I didn't even wear mascara, just curled my lashes.

What I wore.. It's not something I would usually wear. Most of the time, I'm obscenely flaunting my legs with shorts lol But I decided since it's a hospital, I would have to cover my legs if I'm wearing something sleeveless. This is one of my fav tops/dresses. I paired it with stretchable 'denim' knee length leggings (bought online) and a yellow sash. I actually tried on a few clinchers but most of my clinchers are now too big for me >.< I don't really like the leggings. It's kinda hot and itchy. Oh yeah, I actually wore a long black cardigan over this for class but it was getting too hot so I took it off.

I wore a headband today because my hair was a lil messy.

So that's it. If you're wondering why I'm going to the hospital (actually I go almost every other day), it's because my bf is a houseman (student doctor?) there so I visit him during lunch breaks.

*Photos above were taken last week so I have not painted my nails yet. Below are from 2 nights ago

You know the yellow NOTD I showed you the other day? After posting about Missy Doroshi's giveaway, I said I was going to raid the kitchen and guess what I realised? My nails match the Marmite bottle! and a half eaten bag of Twisties! lol


  1. I also have that blush from Daiso & i have to say that this is 1 of my favorite blush. I love how pigmented this is & could actually rival my Lancome Blush Subtil but for only a fraction of a price!!!!

    LOL at the Marmite & nails match..
    but your nails look uh-may-zing,hun!
    really pretty!

    yeah..there's a limit to how much you could post on picasa. I guess it's their way of making money too. you ought to check the memory every now & then to know how much space you still have..
    that sucks though

  2. Oh.. I just checked my Picasa and it's 28.69% now so I need to stop posting so many photos! LOL I wonder what I'm going to do if I reach the limit T_T

    And I didn't know there's Daiso in Philippines! It's awesome, isn't it? xD

  3. Nice nails! the colors are very pretty! :)


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