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Daiso Bling Eyeshadow Palette (Green)

First, if you haven't already been to Daiso, get down there asap! Everything is just RM5 and most of the items are really cheap for their quality. I already have this palette in brown but I have not taken photos of it yet. When I'm out but not sure if I'm going anywhere later at night, I will bring the brown palette. It has 4 eyeshadows, a cream e/s that can act as a base, a sponge applicator (the good type) and a mirror. Very convenient to bring with me as I can just put on my eye makeup in the car. Also, the packaging doesn't look that bad and the container closes well (so it won't open in your bag!).

The beige-y colour at the bottom right is actually more yellowish. In the close up, the e/s appears to have glitter in it but it's barely there anymore when applied on the eye.

Swatches over the cream e/s :

You can barely see the yellow here as it's almost matching my skin tone.

On my eye :
I forgot to take a before pic so here's my other eye.

I applied the cream e/s first as a base. No other base or primer was used. I really like this cream e/s as the shimmer can really brighten up your eye.

Applied light green on lid.

Dark green on outer half, going a little bit higher, ending right below the crease

Yellow on inner half below the crease (not overlapping the light green applied earlier)

White on tear duct. I may even layer this over the yellow if it's not obvious enough.

Half of my face since the other eye has no makeup

I think the second photo looks more like it. I'm not sure if I'm really suited to wear greens. Or maybe it would've looked better with my grey lenses, eyeliner & mascara. To me, the dark green wasn't dark enough. After it fades, it may all look like the same green colour. Btw, the cream e/s can double as a highlighter as well since it has shimmer and not glitter. It's not very sticky and only slightly oily.

Product says : Magnify your eyes with dazzling radiant shine

Size : 0.5 g
Price : RM 5
Bought from : Daiso
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Has mirror, good for application in the car, good quality applicator, cheap
Cons : Colours may look too similar
My conclusion : I prefer the brown palette over this. It's darker and more wearable. But if I don't feel like wearing brown, I wouldn't mind bringing this out. It's very easy to apply in the car and I don't have to bring so many separate items like my primer and brushes.

P.S. The reason I'm posting photos of me wearing the eyeshadow is not because I think I'm very good at it until I can teach others but I prefer my blog to be like an interactive classroom, if that makes sense. I don't mind your opinions if you would like to correct my techniques as I'm still learning how to put on makeup.


  1. Green really suits you! It looks lovely with your eye colour :) xx

  2. O: i wanted to go to daiso too! but lazyyyy to get out of the house. -,-*

    i wanted to get the eyeshadows too. :) i wanted the blue or green palette, if there is one. x)

    check out it! xD to accentuate eyes!

  3. Thanks Lisa but that's just colour contacts xD My real eye colour is almost black. How boring =/

    @meipenggg Hahaha... That's a good thing you know? So you don't buy as much xD Just went to the branch in 1 Utama. I think it's the same things but I prefer the one in Curve. There's a Blue palette =)

    Informative post.. But I don't follow 'makeup rules'. I just apply whatever I feel is right. There are too many things to consider other than just eye colour such as eye shape, eyebrow shape, eye depth etc

    Besides, I'm wearing pink lenses now lol

  4. Do you highly recommend this palette??
    Cos I've been meaning to get it.

  5. @ Izzah
    It's an RM 5 palette so I wouldn't HIGHLY recommend this lol I just think it's convenient for travel / bringing out with you if you don't like to bring alot of things. There are better palettes out there and the green colour isn't very appealing either. Maybe another shade? I haven't tried the rest.


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