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Giveaway Winner, Going The Distance Movie & FOTD

First up, announcement of the giveaway winner! As all the other blogs were using this thing called, I went to check it out too lol

1-6 : meipinggg
7-12 : Gaby
13 : Anur
14 : Amy
15 : Lisa
16 : Steph

Sharon was disqualified as she wasn't a follower and Grace Wong's entry was also disqualified as the link she provided did not exist.

Muffin drawings from Meipinggg & Gaby ^^ Lol I noticed both are pink! <3

So here it is.. *drumroll*

The winner is meipinggg! Please e-mail me with your full name, address and phone number and your parcel will be on the way =)

Went to the mall for a movie with my girl friends today. We watched Going the Distance, starring Drew Barrymore & Justin Long. I didn't watch the trailer but I expected it to be good since I liked both of them.

First of all, this movie is not for kids o.0 It's so full of vulgarity, it made the scriptwriter's job easy as almost every sentence contained the same word starting with an F. Then there's some obscene parts but no nudity.

To tell the truth, I almost felt like sleeping for the first half of the movie. It was a lil boring but after that, it's packed full of humour. I'm not a big fan of romance but I guess this is okay.. Not something I would watch again though.

And Damon (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), the chef is so cute! xD

Not many photos today as the camera was not with me and I only had my phone (again). I wore my sister's Loreal True Match Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid in N03. I think this is too fair for me but it ends up matching my skin tone more after a while. After blending it in, I realised my nose and cheek were so dry and flaking. Seems my entire face is sorta dry =( (I prefer oily over dry >.<) So kept everything else minimal.

I wore the Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Ocean Blue which I will be reviewing on the 18th (it's scheduled already lol) and the Purple one will be shown in a FOTD on the 19th. (Is it weird if I have posts scheduled for one week ahead?)

My favourite mascara, a light coat of the Maybelline Magnum

Ahh!! My skin is still horrible but it's recovering =/ I just put on a light dab of a pale-peachy Jordana blusher (review coming one day on the near future lol). I cropped out my arm in the first pic cos I'm showing my armpit (inappropriate!) and it makes me look so freakishly bone-y & skinny. You can also see my pink lenses quite clearly here <3! Review and more photos of lenses on 16th.

On my lips is the NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Sake. Earrings are from Diva, I think. Haven't worn earrings in ages! Dress is from my blogshop. I actually bought it mainly because I wanted one xD It's such a cute mini dress with colourful polka dots ^^

Went to Daiso in 1 Utama but somehow I just didn't quite like it. I prefer the branch in Curve. Something about the atmosphere that makes me feel more comfortable lol

I'm excited today because I just DIY-ed a skirt out of a t-shirt ^^ I had already altered a dress earlier (post on 17th) but I did not cut that. My sis says it looks more like a tube top though (dammit) >.< I have to admit it's really simple and kinda odd looking as a skirt =/ Will figure out ways to make it more skirt-like.

Guess that's all for tonight. Good night!


  1. Wait a second, what???
    My link is right here!

    I'm so confused right now...

  2. i mailed it to! :)

  3. I'm sorry Grace, I tried to access the link you gave me for 2 days but it kept saying the page didn't exist so I checked the giveaways tab in case you gave the wrong link but the earliest was on Thursday, August 26, 2010 (starting with Simplyy J's Giveaway)


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