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OYO RG Heritage Boutique, George Town, Penang Review

Looking for accommodation in Penang for your next trip? Look no further as we explored one of the OYO chains on the island - OYO RG Heritage Boutique!

Like much of Penang, the beauty of this heritage building has been retained. Walking in from the bustling streets, it was a relief to find this serene garden with lush trees shading us from the afternoon sun.

OYO RG Heritage Boutique Penang
At night, the courtyard is transformed with soft music and warm string lights inviting you in for a star-lit dinner. There is a restaurant and bar downstairs but also street food conveniently outside. 
OYO RG Heritage Boutique George Town Penang
OYO RG Heritage Boutique, George Town, Penang at night
As we were ushered to our rooms, we were greeted by a surprise: each room actually has two floors! This is the view from upstairs. With 2 queen-sized beds (one on each floor), you can comfortably fit 4 people in one room, making the RM 100+ a night really affordable!
OYO RG Heritage Boutique Penang rooms
It has all the basic amenities you need - a good shower, air conditioning, hairdryer, fridge, TV, kettle and clean towels. Wi-fi is also provided so you can stay connected with your friends and family.
OYO RG Heritage Boutique, George Town, Penang Review
The common area is very spacious so you can spend mornings over tea, yoga or a short workout with the fresh morning air.
OYO RG Heritage Boutique, George Town, Penang
OYO RG Heritage Boutique - hotel in George Town, Penang

I have a habit of waking up early on trips so I chose to have a morning coffee before we headed out. It is a short car ride away from many hotspots like Gurney Drive, Belle and Cream, Penang Jetty, Wonderfood Museum, Nasi Kandar Line Clear and Fort Cornwallis.

OYO RG Heritage Boutique - accommodation in George Town, Penang
Address: 282A, Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Phone: 012-215 1725
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