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[Food] Transparent Coffee @ Bangsar

Being stuck at home during this MCO, I'm thinking back about the cafes we went to and I miss going out at this point 😂 So here's my post for Transparent Coffee in Bangsar!

Just metres away from Lisette and it's famous buffets, Transparent Coffee attracts it's own crowd of coffee-lovers. In fact it was rather full when Tania and I were here. This shopfront is like the MOST photographed area everrr!

Behind the scenes: I was taking this photo when the staff bumped into me and wandered what was I doing before he noticed Tania holding the camera AHAHAHHAA #okdonemalu
Transparent Coffee Bangsar
Another popular place to take photos is the little bench facing the entrance. The lighting here is ❤️
The menu isn't extensive, focusing on their coffee and freshly baked sourdough. Not really complaining though. Sometimes it's better to serve what you're good at and focus on that but with the lack of food choices, can't come here often.
This is not even my cup HAHAHAHAHAH This spot is such a popular place for people to take photos that they don't even care anymore..
I've always been a fan of pate since young so I didn't give up this opportunity to order their chicken liver pate tartine. YUM! So creamy and full of savoury flavour. Especially loved it with the bit of pickle. The other 2 choices were strawberries and mushroom so I feel like I made a good decision of ordering something that isn't widely available elsewhere.
Transparent Coffee Bangsar chicken liver pate tartine
To wash down the thick pate, got myself a cup of cappuccino. Now, this is my kind of coffee and surprisingly, I was later told that this cafe is opened by the owner of Three Little Birds - which explains why I like the coffee here!
Brunch at Transparent Coffee Bangsar
Con: The tables we sat at were not very comfortable if we wanted to stay longer. Which I guess we shouldn't stay anyway as the place is not very big and there were people waiting for seats. Oh and the floor was lined with pebbles so it makes you wonder.. How do they clean the floor ah? 🤔🤔🤔
Bar inside Transparent Coffee Bangsar
Address: 6-G, Jalan Abdullah, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur

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